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12.09.2005 General News

Newspaper Blames JAK for Suzzy's Death

National Democrat

Kufuor's Insensitivity Killed Suzzy -National Democrat The incompetence of President Kufuor and the NPP government led to the lost of several precious lives during the six day strikes by the member of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA).

The six day strike by doctors nationwide was the result of the inability of the Kufuor government to pay doctors in the country their Additional Duty Allowance (ADHA) since June. Persistent appeals by the doctors for the allowance to be paid to them fell on deaf ears, forcing them to go on strike.

As a result, many Ghanaians who needed emergency treatment at state owned hospitals to save their lives passed away. Sources at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital morgue and other morgues say several dead bodies were brought to the hospital during the six day strike. One of such people was Suzzy Williams, the beautiful 23 year old actress who over the past years held TV audience in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa captive with her brilliant performance.

Last Thursday, around 2.00am, Suzzy, in the company of a Liberian friend, Edwin, crushed her newly acquired Mitsubishi Pajero, GW 818 W at the La Palm Hotel intersection. Their vehicle was said to have summersaulted, throwing her out and injuring her very badly. Good Samaritans came to her aid. It was at this juncture that the incompetence and insensitivity of President Kufuor and his fascist government came to play. Rather than rush the dying beauty to the La Poly Clinic which was only one mile away from the accident spot, the good Samaritans rushed her to the Trust Hospital which was about three miles away only to be told that here too the Doctors were on strike.

So, those who had brought her to the hospital decided to make another three miles journey to the 37 Military Hospital where as a result of the pressure on the doctors there, she was referred to the Lister Hospital on the Spintex road, which is also almost 3 miles away.

If doctors had not gone on the strike, the pretty actress' life could have been saved. And so, it came to pass, that this beauty and several Ghanaians who could have been alive today died during the six day doctor's strike because President Kufuor and his government do not place value on the health care of the ordinary Ghanaian.