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30.08.2005 Diaspora News

Letter: Nepotism At Embassy In Morrocco

I want to tell Ghana and the government that Ghana embassy in Morocco can do nothing about Ghanaians in Morocco. Why? Because thay can't even help students on scholarship in Morocco not to talk of illegals.

We students here are suffering!!!!

The ambassador and his assistant are only helping people they know or people whose parents work in the Government. The students they help always fail.

Three years ago that this mission started, and the first students who came are still here and failing every year and their those they help if they have problems, and this students are ministers, doctors, and directors of big office in Ghana, and they have not cut their scholarship or send them home but this year a poor boy who came to on scholarship to study here had a problem in French and the assistant ambassador and the ambassador sent this boy home saying that he has fail, what about those who fail two years here and still in schools and still benefiting from the scholarship?

These will tell people of Ghana that is corruption and maltreating innocent students because our parents are not ministers.

Besides, this guy they sent back home, the agency that give us the chance and schools to study was giving this boy chance to study here but our assistant ambassader and the ambassader told this agency that our Goverment, schlaarship secerait and they the two ambassadors do not want the boy in this country which has affected innocent countries which do not have embassies here in Morocco,anytime these students go to the agency they tell them we have nothing to do because Ghana embassy send their student home and we can help you too,if not they will ask us why we did that because they bribe us so that we will not help their boy, so we can not you people too and is very bad on Ghana's part becos this innocent students do not have embassies, so we are tanishing our country name and people do not respect Ghananains here because we have showed the Moroccans what Ghana is and what the leaders are.

And there are students here who face problems more than the guy did and they help them because they know their parents and there are students who have problem at as now and their working on it because they brought them.

Furthermore, they bring their relatives, daugthers, cousins, nieces and friends and guess what they don't have good grades from SSSCE and they end up getting good school than people who brought good grades, because they go to this agency as ambassadors to tell the I WANT BEST SCHOOL FOR THIS GIRL OR THIS BOY IF NOT THE FATHER WILL REMOVE FROM WORK OR HE WILL NOT HELP ME IF I GET BACK HOME. while those with good grates they throw them some where they like and this is very bad and have effect on Ghana as we students who study outside Ghana are also aambassaders to our dear country tomorrow.So please our proud citiziens help us from Morocco.