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Opinion | Apr 16, 2018

Are Christian Clergymen Qualified Witnesses of the Resurrection of Yahushua??

Are Christian Clergymen Qualified Witnesses of the Resurrection of Yahushua??

Part I
Not long ago, Christians again celebrated their annual feast of Easter!! For many years now, this column has consistently carried articles, on the unholy celebrations of Easter, which sadly, Christians wrongly and ignorantly deem to be a feast that honors the memory of the resurrection from the dead of Yahushua, the son of Yahuwah Elohiym, to mark the end of his sojourn on Earth!

This year, I have had to resist the temptation to continue in this same vein in order that I could teach on something else that is more related to the resurrection of Yahushua, regarding how to prove or exhibit the power and indispensability of this resurrection to mankind’s deliverance from sin by anyone claiming to have been saved by the power of this resurrection.

In order for readers of this article to come to the safe conclusion about who in today’s world is a true beneficiary of the resurrection of Yahushua, and thus be qualified to be a witness of its power, benefits and glory in answer to the query in the above caption to this article, it is necessary for one to first discern the basic facts surrounding this resurrection!

Well, it is now common knowledge that, reckoning time From Creation (FC), and following after the verdict of Yahuwah Elohiym on the sin of mankind concerning the holy seed who produced the woman (Khava; Eve??) and who was to eventually appear on Earth to crush the head of the serpent mentioned in the revelation of Barashiyth (Genesis??) 3:15, this mysterious event happened in the year 4028 FC!

Well, strangely, and by the mischief of the fourth beast mentioned in the revelation of Dani’El 7:25 who would think to change times and laws that are set by the authority of Yahuwah Elohiym, the year 4028 FC is also deemed to be 28 CE (Common Era) of the Gregorian calendar that has been crafted and maintained on Earth by this beast!

Indeed, the crushing of the head of the serpent remains the greatest mystery ever to have occurred on Earth and it had been ordained to come about through the ultimate of all the instituted animal sacrifices and epitomized in Khag Pesakh (Passover feast??), as commanded by Yahuwah in His Towrah to be observed yearly, forever, by the children of Yisroel following the night preceding their departure from Mitzrayim under the leadership of Moshe (Moses??)!

Now, the facts of the resurrection of Yahushua in 4028 FC are, firstly, that he was killed, or rather that he put down his own life to take it back at will afterwards; for, who can kill or snuff out the life of one who carries in him the immortal, unchanging, and can-never-be-polluted life of his own father, Yahuwah, the Most High One!

This event of killing the son of Yahuwah outside the walls of YahuSalem (Jerusalem??) happened in the month of Nisan (aka Aviv or Abib), which is the first month on the Hebrew calendar, and took place just at the sunset hour that commenced the 14th day of this month, as it was scheduled by Yahuwah Elohiym to coincide with the commencement of the Khag Pesakh festivities that must always be celebrated on Nisan 14 of every year.

And so, the body of Yahushua, who was destined by Yahuwah to be the most befitting and last Pesakh lamb ever to appease His wrath (which had been stirred up by the sin of mankind), deal permanently with the effects of this sin on all mankind by this sacrifice and bring an end to all animal sacrifices as revealed in Dani’El 9:24, was laid in a tomb exactly at the sunset hour that commenced Nisan 14, 4028 FC.

So then, the scheduled resurrection of Yahushua had to take place at the sunset hour that commenced Nisan 17, 4028 FC so as to meet the correct count of three days and three nights, counting from the sunset hour of his burial, in order that the Sign of Yonah (Jonah??) mentioned in MattithYahu (Matthew??) 12:40 would be fulfilled; and not that this resurrection could take place at some weird eerie dawn hour, as has been the belief of Christian clergymen and their followers since time immemorial!!

Now, since the sunset hour that commenced Nisan 17, 4028 FC in that particular year also commenced as a Yom HaShevii (the Seventh Day) Shabbat, it means that the resurrection of Yahushua took place at the sunset hour that began a holy Shabbat (of the Seventh Day kind), and never on Yom Ekhad (the First Day of the Week) as is held by Christian clergymen!!

Note that the work of delivering mankind from the power and dominion of sin and from the control of Satan, —for which sole purpose Yahushua was sent by Yahuwah Elohiym to Earth to make possible and accessible by all who could act on and in the wisdom of Yahuwah—had to be finished conclusively and timeously in order for Yahushua to take his well-deserved rest on the Shabbat; and not that he would still be in the tomb working on a Shabbat rest day, compelled to break the Towrah of Yahuwah on Shabbat and thus be supposed to have resurrected on Yom Ekhad (the First day of the Week), as is wrongly believed and taught by Christian clergymen!

Note also that just as Nisan 14 is a fixed date in every year but does not have a particular fixed day of the week in every year to always go with it, so also is the fact that Nisan 17 which relates to Nisan 14 ONLY in date, cannot have a fixed day related to it throughout all years!

In all of this, even the unlearned in the spiritual issues of Yahuwah can see the obvious ridicule of having all the days of Easter celebrations fixed by man on Yom Ekhad (First Day of the Week; or SunDay, using the terminology of the fourth beast), year in year out; celebrating with unholy and weird relish!

Now, let us analyze the foregoing and summarize the facts of the death, burial and resurrection of Yahushua here as follows: his burial took place at the sunset hour that brought into being the date of Nisan 14, 4028 FC, which date was on a Yom Revii (day four of the seven-day Week); as the sunset hour commencing the date Nisan 15, 4028 FC approached, Yahushua had been lying in the tomb for one day and one night; by the sunset hour that kick started the date Nisan 16, 4028 FC, Yahushua had been in the tomb for a cumulative number of two days and two nights; and finally, at the sunset hour that commenced the date of Nisan 17, 4028 FC, the body of Yahushua had completed the mandatory three days and three nights for which he had to be in the tomb, in order to promptly make his predicted exit out of the tomb come to be fulfilled!!

If the resurrection of Yahushua had taken place beyond this time of the sunset that commenced the date Nisan 17, 4028 FC, or even if it had happened earlier on before this time and date, it would have been deemed that Yahushua is not HaMashakhYahu, i.e., The Anointed One of Yahuwah (the Masaya? or Messiah of Christians??), since that would have meant Yahuwah had failed to act on his (Yahushua’s) own words in vindication of his mission to Earth as the deliverer of mankind from sin and its consequences and from the dominion of Satan, the god of the Earth!

So then, in the light of the foregoing, it is obvious that no one Christian clergyman from all generations past has ever had a fair knowledge of the holy truths about Yahushua in respect of the date, day and hour of his death and when exactly his resurrection occurred! Oh! What a shame; and what zeal without revelation knowledge Christian clergymen have portrayed from time immemorial!!

And since all Christian clergymen today still live in ignorance and deception about the true facts surrounding the death and resurrection of Yahushua, how may their ignorance profit them by bringing them into the power and blessings of this resurrection and thus qualify them to be witnesses or propagators of its glory??

All Christian clergymen therefore have lived and still live their lives heading towards doom, unawares, and thus, are leading their followers to ultimately fall into the same doom! Sad to say, this coming end of all Christians who have ever lived on this Earth will soon be witnessed by all at a time when it is too late for a change!!

Today’s Christian clergymen can save themselves and their followers ONLY if they make a complete reversal in their faith in the deception of a First Day of the Week resurrection which they have believed concerning Yahushua, and then to correct or deliver themselves from all their wrong beliefs in a so-called Good Friday crucifixion and burial of the Savior, and reversing further to correct their beliefs in so-called Maundy or Holy Thursday and Palm Sunday teachings and other unholy stuff in such vein!

Only when they do this may the light of truth dawn on them to enable them comprehend who the true witnesses of the resurrection of Yahushua are or can be, and who thus have the mandate of Yahuwah to preach about this resurrection of His holy son; and not just some graduates of seminaries and Bible colleges who are bereft of revelation knowledge!

Part II
I can confidently say that a true witness of the resurrection of Yahushua is not one who has witnessed his empty tomb, in which case one said to be called Mary Magdalene would have been the first person to qualify; and yet, she was never qualified to be one!

Furthermore, not even those men who first witnessed the empty tomb of Yahushua qualify to be witnesses of this mysterious event simply because they saw an empty tomb! For, they never believed this resurrection could happen anyway and were thus not qualified to preach it until some very rare, powerful and compelling spiritual experience engulfed them later to transform their beings!

If the qualification for anyone to become a credible witness of the resurrection of Yahushua were to be based on one having witnessed or beheld an empty tomb that Yahushua had freshly resurrected out of in the month of Nisan 4028 FC or the ancient relic of this same tomb in our year 5778 FC today, some 1750 holy years after this resurrection truly occurred, then it would be obviously ridiculous for anyone to think that anyone today could be deemed a true and worthy witness of, or to, this resurrection and thus be qualified in order to teach or preach about it convincingly to mankind!

And so, one must look beyond a physical experience of the empty tomb of Yahushua by anyone claiming to be a true witness of his resurrection to find identifiable visible spiritual attributes and a special holy biological or genetic trait in the one, which MUST characterize anyone today, in order to qualify him as a worthy and true witness of the glorious resurrection of Yahushua.

In fact, any credible and true witness of the resurrection of Yahushua must, first and foremost, bear and manifest in his persona the two principal or main and yet intertwined blessings that Yahuwah sent His son from Shamayim (Heaven??) to make available to mankind on Earth.

These are: deliverance from the power and dominion of sin and from Satan, and also for one to have in his body the very type of life that is in and of Yahuwah Himself, for keeps, as the free gift of Yahuwah to anyone who receives His message of salvation delivered by His son Yahushua to mankind in His name.

This is the message which He mandated Yahushua to deliver to Earth in and by his death as he (Yahushua) being the ultimate Pesakh lamb in 4028 FC meant to atone for the sin of all mankind; but firstly for the children of Yisroel and then ONLY those elect children of the Goyim (Gentiles??) whom Yahuwah had before creation destined to enter into an eternal fellowship with Him and to live in holy co-habitation with the children of Yisroel!!

And so, this is the state of blessedness that Yahuwah wishes anyone of mankind MUST come to have, in order to enable Him enter into an everlasting fellowship with him (mankind)! And all this is only made available and receivable by anyone in, by and through that person being enabled by Yahuwah Elohiym to tap into the power and blessings arising from the death and resurrection of Yahushua upon receiving revelation knowledge about how one may tap into this state of blessedness!

And it is only those men (for no women are eligible for any assignment from or service to Yahuwah) who enter into this blessed state who qualify, according to the will and mandate of Yahuwah Elohiym, to be considered to become witnesses of the resurrection of His holiest son, Yahushua!

Later in this article I will make a little exposure of any such blessed elect of the Goyim who Yahuwah Elohiym had chosen to have eternal fellowship with, in and by the resurrection of Yahushua, even before He created mankind, while choosing to neglect all other Goyim of Earth!

You see, it must be visibly clear that the power and dominion of sin that is alive and active in the members of the body of every unregenerate man MUST be conquered or abolished in the life of anyone who claims to be a witness of the resurrection of Yahushua, in order to establish full proof beyond doubt that the death, burial and resurrection of Yahushua actually happened on Earth and that the blessings inherent in this resurrection are receivable and thus provable by such a witness!!

If we cannot find any people on Earth in whom the power and dominion of sin is indeed broken in order for the one to be able to live a life that is free of the effects of sin, then the head of the serpent that was destined to be crushed was never crushed in and by the death and resurrection of Yahushua; or that the one who was destined to crush the head of the serpent is yet to come to Earth!!

Furthermore, if we cannot find any people on Earth who live their lives without a sign of the scourge of the effect of sin in themnotably, the evil venom of sicknesses and diseasesthen we can again conclude that the death and resurrection of Yahushua did not have the effect of giving to mankind the everlasting and eternally potent life of and in Yahuwah as was promised to mankind or that the one to crush the head of the serpent is yet to come to Earth to do so.

So then, anyone who claims to be a witness of the resurrection of Yahushua must forever be sinless and must, eternally, be without the scourge of sin abiding in his body!! For, how can sin and disease co-exist together with the Ruwakh (Spirit??) of Yahuwah in a body that has been redeemed from sin and Satan by the resurrection power of Yahushua and taken over completely by Yahuwah Elohiym and His son Yahushua to now become their eternal abode whenever on Earthcf. YeshaYahu (Isaiah??) 57:15!!

You see, when sin is indeed conquered in the life of anyone, in, by and through the death and resurrection of Yahushua, it gives the one immediate access to the Tree of Life! This tree of life was promptly denied all mankind, and not just Adam, when he as father of all mankind committed a sin against Yahuwah in the Garden of Eden while he harbored all his offspring in his loins, unbeggoten at the time, and who were thus polluted by and with his (Adam) sin, there and then!!

In fact, anyone who gets the sin-power that abode in him (as a result of the sin of mankind’s first parents) killed or conquered also gets his ruwakh to immediately become established as a branch into the Tree of Life of the Garden, forever!!

And in this state of eternal union with the Tree of Life, where may sickness and disease which are the two enemies of and to Life come from?? Wow! What glory!!

Furthermore, anyone who experiences the resurrection power of Yahushua gets his hitherto vile and corruptible body turned into salt, and thus become incorruptible forever! How then is sickness, the scourge of sin, to be found in him??

And yet, many Christian clergymen claiming to be witnesses of the resurrection of Yahushua and ambassadors of Yahuwah to Earth must depend solely on man-made chemical-based drugs of pharmakia (the Greek word for sorcery) and human capabilities of medical centers of the Earth to be healed of their sicknesses and diseases while claiming to be servants of Yahuwah Elohiym and His son, Yahushua!

How could they?! What sham the children of men exhibit!! For, can anyone imagine that the Giver of Life would refuse to give any of His children who work for Him according to His mandate and bidding healing from sickness when they have need, but instead leave the one to his fate and to die in the hands of people of questionable standing with Him in the medical centers of the Earth??

Please, just read and meditate on all of the following words of scripture to be blessed in this light:

"Whoever is born of Elohiym does not commit sin; for His seed remains in him and he cannot sin, because he is born of Elohiym".

Behold, now we are the sons of Elohiym, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure. Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the Towrah: for sin is the transgression of the Towrah. And you know that he was manifested to take away our sins; and in him is no sin. Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him”.

Now, as was stated earlier on in this article, any qualified and true witness of the resurrection of Yahushua must possess certain identifiable visible spiritual attributes and biological or genetic traits that must be same as those that Yahushua too possesses.

In this regard, it is obvious that only genuine and true biological children of Yisroel can be witnesses of the resurrection since Yahushua descended from the house of Yisroel and of the household of Yahudah (Judah??)! This explains why, to date, Yahuwah has had no messenger in His service who was not of the stock of Yisroel! Just check this out!

You see, as is known from the scriptures, the salvation of Yahuwah belongs principally to the children of Yisroel. So then, it is principally because of the spiritual wellbeing of the children of Yisroel that Yahushua was sent to Earth to give his life as the ultimate and unblemished holy Pesakh lamb to be offered in sacrifice for the atonement of their sins.

Now, because the children of Yisroel are the primary and principal beneficiaries of the death and resurrection of Yahushua, any qualified witnesses of this resurrection must come from within their fold to be its preachers, teachers or propagators to all the inhabitants of the Earth. This means that NO true witness of the resurrection of Yahushua can be a Goy (Gentile) of the Caucasian stock, definitely, or of any other stock for that matter!!

And this is an obvious truth since in the beginning, starting from YahuSalem (Jerusalem??) in the year 4028 FC, all witnesses of this resurrection were of the holy stock of Yisroel; and must continue to be so today onto the end of all things!

Part III
Still considering the biological and genetic traits that must characterize a true witness of the resurrection of Yahushua, be it known that just as Yahuwah the Atik Yomin (Ancient of Days??) eternally sports a crop of woolly textured hair on his head—cf. Dani’El 7:9—so also does Yahushua have this same kind of woolly textured hair on his head—cf. Hisgalus (Revelation) 1:14—and so MUST Yisroel, the firstborn son of Yahuwah, have this same woolly textured hair on his head as evidence of his genetic relationship with and origin from Yahuwah!

Furthermore, it is obvious that the skin complexion of Yisroel who is the firstborn son of Yahuwah MUST be the same as that of Yahushua whose complexion is revealed to be that of burned brass in Dani’El 10:6 and Hisgalus 1:14. This truth of the skin complexion of Yisroel being as burned brass, and thus typically Negro, is further borne out by other revelations in the scriptures.

For example, the book of Shemot (Exodus??) 4:6-7 records the account of a miracle that turned the skin complexion of Moshe (Moses??) from its normal color to one that was leprous as snow!! Now, since miracles only happen within two extreme situations such as in the raising of dead bodies to life, making a deaf person to hear, dumb speak, cripples walk, blind see, etc., we can only understand that the normal skin complexion of Moshe could only have been Negro to bring it into sharp contrast with the color of snow or that of a Caucasian skin complexion we see today that it was turned to in this miracle!!

Note however that, in the truest sense of the word “miracle”, miracles are done by Yahuwah to change a bad situation to a good one as in the cure from leprosy of a Syrian Army General called Naaman to a normal skin—cf. Melekhim Sheini (Second Kings??) 5:1-7; while in reverse a miracle becomes a punishment or curse, just as was the case which involved Miryam in Bamidbar (Numbers??) 12:1-10 and also of Gehazi the evil minded servant of Elisha, the holy navi (prophet??) of Yahuwah, which we read in Melekhim Sheini (Second Kings??) 5:20-27; or such an act of Yahuwah of reverse miracle may only be a simple demonstration of the power of Yahuwah as in this case under scrutiny involving the skin complexion of Moshe from normal color to leprous or snow white!

Based on these facts of the genetics of the children of Yisroel which are summed up as follows—a woolly textured hair on the head and a dark or burned brass skin color complexion typical of Negro people today and of all generations past—every man who is a true and genuine witness of the resurrection of Yahushua MUST bear these genetic properties in him or else be unacceptable by Yahuwah as a witness of His son’s resurrection!!

You see, the scriptures bear testimony of the Creator and His son who, whenever they choose to reveal themselves in the flesh or physically to any man who is deemed worthy to behold them, would always show themselves to be Negro in skin complexion and woolly haired in hair texture!

It is therefore only natural for all true children of Yisroel who came from the loins of Avraham, a holy descendant from the bloodline of Shem, the son of Noakh, and who (Yisroel) are said to be the first born son of Yahuwah Elohiym (cf. Shemot 4:22) to be woolly haired and Negro in complexion, eternally! Otherwise how may Yahuwah Elohiym be true in declaring that Yisroel are His first born children??

So then, one can surmise that the holy scriptures are instructions of Yahuwah Elohiym to a Negro people ONLY and that these scriptures are about His historical links with this special house of Negro people who are also the only people on Earth who have woolly hair; since all other people have silky hairs!!

You see, only this special breed of woolly-textured-hair people of Negro complexion can obey or live by the scriptures of Yahuwah! In particular, the instructions of Yahuwah concerning the vows of a Nazir (Nazirite??), as detailed in Bamidbar (Numbers??) 6:1-8, can only be lived to perfection by woolly haired Negro people since it is ONLY their hair type which can develop into locks, as demanded in the verse five of this scripture referred to here that the Nazir leaves the hair on his head to naturally grow, uncombed and uncut, to have locks of hair within them.

Now, I’d like to fulfill the promise I made earlier on that I would throw more light on the small company of Goyim who Yahuwah Elohiym has destined would live in fellowship with Him eternally and in the tents of Yisroel!

I must quickly say that such a blessed crop of Goyim people are not qualified to be witnesses of the resurrection of Yahushua even though they live in fellowship with Yahuwah! They are thus unfit to be teachers or preachers of this resurrection and of the salvation message of Yahuwah Elohiym! For these people, they are allowed or permitted to have fellowship with Yahuwah Elohiym because they are blessed to live within the tents of Yisroel in order to study, learn or be taught how to live the ways of the children of Yisroel by qualified and elected children of Yisroel!!

You see, of all the descendants of Noakh who populated the Earth after the Flood of his day, only the descendants of two of his sons can be allowed by Yahuwah to taste or come into the spiritual blessings that are provided by and in the resurrection of Yahushua! The descendants of one other of the three sons of Noakh are eternally excluded! This excluded offspring is that of Ham, led by Kenaan (Canaan??), and all other people from the offspring of Shem and Yephet (Japheth??) who permit the cursed offspring of Kenaan to mingle with their seed in sexual union to produce strange offspring!!

You see, the account of Barashiyth 9:25-27 mentions for three times that Kenaan the offspring of Ham is eternally cursed and will always be a servant to the offspring of Shem and Yephet, the only two siblings of Ham! However, it is also mentioned in Barashiyth 10:27 that the offspring of Shem and Yephet will or may dwell together even as the offspring of Kenaan serves them both.

And so, even though the house of Yisroel was established out of a branch or a special part of the offspring of Shem, leaving out the larger part of it to remain ordinary together with the entire offspring of Yephet, all of which was added to the offspring of Ham through Kenaan in order to constitute the whole Goyim world, some people of the Goyim of the lineage of Shem and Yephet were to be blessed by Yahuwah in the resurrection of Yahushua and thus be made to become eligible to have fellowship with Yahuwah eternally!

However, no Goyim who descend from Ham or Kenaan is permitted a taste of the blessings of the resurrection of Yahushua because of the perpetual curse placed on them by Noakh their ancestor! Note that, the true children of Kenaan are as are listed in Barashiyth 10:15-18 and concerning whom, even before Yahushua came to Earth, the children of Yisroel were instructed by Yahuwah to completely annihilate whenever they entered the land of their inheritance!!

So then, if for some reasons, this offspring that was destined for extinction was never wiped out from the face of the Earth, but has remained in existence to become a monster to the holy people of the Earth today (that is, Negro Yisroel) and even since mankind’s past, how may they qualify to enjoy the blessings arising out of the death and resurrection of Yahushua in order for them to have fellowship with Yahuwah, eternally, and thus become eligible to be witnesses (preachers, teachers or custodians of the mysteries) of the resurrection of Yahushua, as many of these sons of Kenaan have deceived and continue to deceive themselves and all mankind that they are qualified to do??

Now, did those of the stock of Kenaan who were annihilated have justice served them by Yahuwah Elohiym, the just Judge of the universe, if some of their latter day counterparts of the same stock of Kenaan are deemed blessed to come into fellowship with Yahuwah and allowed into the blessings of the resurrection of Yahushua??

It is established that the non-Negro race of the western world are the descendants of Kenaan and this singular truth brings into serious challenge and obvious disrepute the preaching works of such men as Wesley, Finney, Calvin, Luther, etc., who were once believed, even by a spiritually lethargic house of Yisroel lost in a diaspora, to be eligible witnesses or teachers of the resurrection of Yahushua!!

All these light-skinned, silky-haired preachers of UK and German origins and many more others have taught mankind a certain faith and name of a certain savior they claim to be for the salvation of mankind, and yet, who is never known by any of the children of Yisroel to whom the salvation of Yahuwah Elohiym primarily belongs, to have lived as one of their own or even as a sojourner within their midst!

This faith is known as Christianity, a word which even though is non-existent in the entire English Bible these preachers hold as being the Word of Yahuwah Elohiym, and which has yet been believed by many people throughout a period of close to two millennia to be the surest means to mankind’s salvation or deliverance from the power of Satan.

The forebears of these preachers of a fake savior have been aided by the many falsifications of the original holy Ivrit (Hebrew??) scriptures they have made into their English Bible, through the translations they made of them without the mandate of Yahuwah, in order to push their diabolical agenda! A case in point is the verse Barashiyth 10:6 which is a false one that was introduced into the scriptures by translators toward a diabolical end!

You see, Ham had only one son and he was called Kenaan! This we are told twice in two verses of scripture for the purposes of emphasis in Barashiyth 9:18, 21. So then, Ham never had more than the one son who was called Kenaan; not to talk about he (Ham) having four sons!!

You see, the serious sin that was committed by Ham in exposing the nakedness of his father, Noakh, which was an act of rape or incest with his own mother, if we understand the horrible nature and consequences of this sin, never allowed a repetition of it by Yahuwah in order for Ham to begat more offspring beyond Kenaan; not even through his own wife!

So then, the mention in Barashiyth 10:6 of Cush, Mitzrayim and Phut as being siblings of Kenaan is a calculated lie from translators and meant to deceive the world by lumping these people (Cush, Mitzrayim and Phut), who during the spread of the nations were the first to dwell in the region that is called North Africa today, together with Kenaan so they could be made to become a part of the curse of Kenaan by force!

They did this with the diabolical intent of further lumping all of today’s Africans who live south of the Sahara into this curse of Kenaan and thus to take attention from themselves as the cursed of Yahuwah Elohiym by their descent from Kenaan!

In this evil plan, they forget that the spatial void that had existed at the time of the spread of the nations in the region now termed Africa South of the Sahara only began to be populated after 70 CE when the true children of Avraham, the true Ivri Yisroel of today, escaped into it after fleeing their inheritance in a war waged against them by some of the descendants of Kenaan, the Romans!

Today, the children of Yisroel are proven to be living in the West African region of the African Continent and that, particularly, almost all of the tribal groupings of Ghanaians are easily identified as such!

They also forget that there can never exist any good relation between the children of Yisroel and any children of Kenaan such as is clearly seen to have existed between the children of Yisroel and Mitzrayim, if indeed Mitzrayim were to be a true son of Ham together with Kenaan!

Part IV
In all of this, it is obvious that Cush, Mitzrayim and Phut who are mentioned in Barashiyth 10:6 as being siblings of Kenaan, and thus supposed to be the offspring of cursed Ham, bore no such relationship at all, but were instead a part of the descendants of Yephet!

This obvious truth revealed to me explains why there has existed very cordial relations from time immemorial between the children of Yisroel who are of the lineage of Shem through Nahor, Terah and Avraham (cf. Barashiyth 11:11-32) and Mitzrayim (who I deem to descend from Yephet), to the extent that the children of Yisroel not only oftentimes sojourned in Mitzrayim for safety and survival reasons, but did even marry from the house of Mitzrayim; whereas it is eternally forbidden by Yahuwah Elohiym for the children of Yisroel to marry any descendants of Kenaan!

In conclusion of the matter as to who is a qualified witness of the resurrection of Yahuwah Elohiym today, let me restate the facts of this as follows:

Firstly, a true witness of this resurrection MUST be a genuine descendant of Avraham through Shem! Now, even though every descendant of Yephet and also those of the root of Shem other than the ones from whom Avraham descended may also be accepted into the blessings of this resurrection by Yahuwah Elohiym, who ALONE determines who may be allowed into these blessings, such people cannot be preachers, teachers or propagators of the blessings of this resurrection.

Secondly, in being of the lineage of Avraham, all genuine witnesses of the resurrection of Yahushua must manifest the spiritual genetic traits and color complexion as sons of Yahuwah in having a woolly textured hair type and a color complexion of burned brass or Negro!

Thirdly, the witness of the resurrection of Yahushua must be one in whose body sin is no longer alive, active or rules but must show evidence as having been destroyed in the resurrection power of YahushuaFor we know that whoever is begotten of Yahuwah does not continue to commit sin, but he that is begotten of Yahuwah keepeth himself, and the wicked one toucheth him not.

Fourthly, any true witness of the resurrection of Yahushua must display and exhibit in him the very life that dwells in Yahuwah and His son Yahushua; and thus, must be free of sickness and disease in order to prove he is indeed blessed by the power of this resurrection.

Finally, relating directly and very strongly to these four qualifications just mentioned, every qualified witness of the resurrection of Yahushua must have in him evidence of the Ruwakh Kodesh of Yahuwah Elohiym abiding in him and having full control over his life. Now, even though Ruwakh Kodesh is Ivrit (Hebrew tongue??) and means Spirit the Holy in English, the two are not the same in essence!!

It must be pointed out that Ruwakh Kodesh is the very essence of Yahuwah Elohiym which He makes available as a gift to dwell within all of His servants or messengers in order to give them free access to His wisdom, counsel, knowledge, discernment and understanding of His ways, glory, might and power, in order for them to fear Him and obey His instructions or commands; and none of these blessed gifts can the so-called Holy Spirit of Christians give to them and to enable them to do!

The fact that all Christians who believe in a so-called Holy Spirit are heading in a wrong and opposite way to truth, in being led by this Holy Spirit of their faith, is evidenced in their lack of understanding, discernment or sense of appreciation that no one of Ivri parentage was ever named JESUS CHRIST since Avraham was called out of the city of Ur of the Chaldeans!

And, can one make a correct count of three days and three nights between their supposed Friday crucifixion/burial of their so-called savior (JESUS CHRIST) and the Sunday dawn hour, as Christian clergymen have held to be the case for close to two millennia when this JESUS CHRIST of theirs is said to have resurrected in fulfillment of the sign of Yonah mentioned in MattithYahu 12:40!

And, is there wisdom in celebrating a last supper ordinance that was instructed by their JESUS CHRIST for their obedience, if Christians now observe this supper as their Sunday breakfast and of weekly significance?? Oh my! Someone help me cry for my beloved Christians who live in deception and ignorance; and in misguided zeal!!

You see, the fact is that, all messengers of Yahuwah have since creation been woolly haired Negro people of the house of Yisroel, and never has any one Goy person ever been called, anointed and sent as His messenger to any people, not to talk about one who was ever a Caucasian!

So then, be not deceived by the horde of Goy folks of Caucasian dominance, who are preachers of Christianity just for monetary gains, into thinking that they have any mandate of Yahuwah to witness about the resurrection of His son, Yahushua, and neither believe how they teach an entire Earth that anyone who expresses faith in their JESUS CHRIST by saying the stereotyped prayer known as the Sinner’s Prayer, gets to become reconciled with one’s Maker, there and then!

I must say that Christianity is an entrapment of the offspring of Kenaan in order to spite Yahuwah for His love for Yisroel and for upholding the curse of their ancestor Kenaan, the son of Ham, that was pronounced upon them by Ham's father Noakh, the effect of which has eternally excluded them from having any fellowship with Yahuwah. This explains why Christianity can never be proven to originate from among the true children of Yisroel!

Christian clergymen and their followers who are not of the stock of Kenaan are simply a bunch of deceived people who have been enticed into a religion they were not destined to be a part of; and are thus made to become one and same as all the descendants of Kenaan and thus have become partakers of the consequences of the curse on Kenaan—which is an eternal separation from Yahuwah Elohiym, their Maker!

How then can Christian clergymen be deemed to qualify to be true witnesses of the glorious resurrection of the holy son of Yahuwah Elohiym, Yahushua, when their role as clergymen is only defined within their being smeared by the effects of the curse of Kenaan?? Oh! What spiritual blindness adherents of Christianity are held in??

Sad to say that the assimilation of the Negro house of Yisroel into the house of Kenaan has today become almost thorough and complete; for there now seems to be no longer any distinction between anyone of the house of Avraham, Yaakov and Yisroel and those of the house of Kenaan! No wonder the world now talks about what it considers the Lost Tribes of Yisroel simply because they (Yisroel) seem invisible to those who lack a holy discernment! But then, how may any true children of Yahuwah be lost in a world He made and never be found by anyone or that father Avraham ever be left without a seed on Earth??

Today, there is hardly any distinction between the looks and lifestyles of the children of Yisroel and those of the Caucasian offspring of Kenaan!! For, the woolly textured hair of the Negro complexioned children of Yisroel are now made to become silky by using creams and gels based on laboratory chemicals manufactured by the sons Kenaan!

Also, the Negro skin complexion of the children of Avraham is purposefully bleached with chemicals made by the descendants of Kenaan in order to change it into the Caucasian complexion of snow white, just to look like the false blonde haired Caucasian they depict their JESUS CHRIST to be!

You see, throughout the years, a determined and conscious effort had been made by the offspring of Kenaan to pollute the holy offspring the Negro children of Yisroel through illegal marriages, rape, secular education, dietary lifestyles, clothing, entertainment cultures and many other means, and thus taint the house of Yisroel in order to become unfit for any relationship or fellowship with Yahuwah Elohiym, the Father of all holy mankind!!

Whenever I see a gathering of Negro Christian clergymen on a large platform wearing the suit of the Caucasian as their official dress, in which these Negroes deem the anointing for their roles as clergymen is supposed to exist, my heart cries out in pain for the deception of the Caucasian known as Christianity! Don’t these clergymen know about the robe-wearing fashion sense of Yahuwah Elohiym, for Himself and all His children for all occasions in and out of Shamayim (Heaven??), to try to go along with??

How then may Christian clergymen be true witnesses of the resurrection of Yahushua when they lack knowledge of the basic ideals of wisdom that is so much necessary for any service to Yahuwah, which they claim to have been called and anointed by Yahuwah to render to His creation!

In all of this it is heartwarming to note that, today, a few people in some of the tribal groupings in West Africa are becoming spiritually conscious of their identity as being the true descendants of Avraham and are thus reawakening to the truths of their Ivri origins and destiny as the true descendants of Avraham to teach the truths of Yahuwah Elohiym to a world bereft of Truth!!

In this, it may well be that Ghana, my temporal home in diaspora away from the land of my inheritance and ancestors, Yisroel, will be the nation to lead the children of Yisroel in a coming Second Exodus to our Promised Land.

I don’t know about you, my dear reader, but I just can’t wait to be a part of all this great move of the power of Yahuwah, the Elohiym of Avraham, Yaakov and Yisroel, to regather His people from all over the Earth into their inheritance!

Well, I pray and hope that this spiritual holy fever catches you all, my dear woolly haired Negro of Africa, too, so we may welcome ourselves aboard the bandwagon of the coming second Exodus from Africa to our Holy Land.

PS: Should readers of this article and any of my articles published in this column have serious questions or suggestions, they may contact me via e-mail by clicking on “Contact” on the Home Page of my website, You may also want to purchase a copy of my book—Beware of This False Doctrine: Of Reciting the Sinners' Prayer for Salvation—via the same web address so, together, we walk the narrow way to the presence of Yahuwah Elohiym. Shalawam!

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