Thu, 05 Apr 2018 Feature Article

Foreign aid and same-sex marriage

Foreign aid and same-sex marriage

Because of the fear of cutting Ghana’s foreign aid, Akufo-Addo, the Ghanaian president, recently in an interview with 'Al Jazeera' revealed a plan of legalizing same-sex marriage in Ghana, something which is not part of Ghanaians' culture.

On the same issue, the Christian Council of Ghana has reiterated that Ghana’s culture and family life system cannot support the legalization of homosexuality in any form or shape.

European and American leaders think because of the foreign aid assistance to Africa they can put pressure on Africa leaders to follow their evil deeds. Africa has something special nobody can take away. That is the rich culture, heritage and the commitment to serve God. Nobody can ruin that.

African leaders must realize how Europe and America have destroyed Africa physically, medically and ideologically. Are they interested in foreign aid which comes at a deadly cost than the welfare of its citizens or those that voted for them into office?

There is a time for everything. A time to sow, time to reap, time to mourn, time to be happy. It’s time now for African leaders to utilize their resources towards Africa’s development and quit depending on foreign aid if they want the continent to move forward.

There was time China couldn’t rub shoulders with any African country, let alone Britain or America but today, the country’s military strength, developments, and achievements can’t be underestimated.

Sadly, they have taken the place of the colonial masters and also looting Africa under the nose of corrupt African leaders. After the departure of the Chinese, God only knows who African leaders would welcome because of their laziness and corrupt nature.

How long can African leaders remain slaves or puppets to be controlled by countries giving financial aid to Africa? It was Europe and America that named Africa 'The Hopeless Continent.' What do they want from Africa if the continent is hopeless?

After looting the continent for a while they gave it promotion by changing 'the hopeless to developing.'

God must really give African leaders some wisdom if they lack one. If care is not taken Africans will rise against their leaders and all of them will escape seeking political asylum in Europe or America.

Joel Savage, Ghanaian-Belgian Journalist