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09.08.2005 Diaspora News

Ghanaians Walked Out Of Gambia By Gambian Authorities

Salam Mahama -Banjul

Ten (10) Ghanaians arrested by Para military of the Gambia were transported to a border village –Amdalai near Senegal and ordered not to return to The Gambia.

The 10 are residence of one house in Brufut near Ghanatown where the 8 bodies of Ghanaians alleged to have been killed by the Gambian police were discovered. They were held by the para military for a week and were made to work on farms and tortured.

Their neighbours indicated that during the police raid, only the Ghanaians were picked for allegedly spreading the information that the police were responsible for the death of the 8.

They have since arrived in Senegal leaving behind their belongings in the Gambia and stranded. In a related development the migration department arrested a number of Ghanaians in Serrekunda for alleged migration offences and are being kept at the mile II (2) prisons near Banjul for several days without being charged at court.

Ghanaians in The Gambia are living in fear as a result of the recent murders and targeted arrests bordering on immigration