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November 24, 2017 | Business & Finance

10 Important Features Of The Best Family Cars

Kobina Makuom
10 Important Features Of The Best Family Cars

When it comes to buying the car which will keep your family safe on the road, you need to do your research. It’s no longer about horsepower or style, it becomes a question of convenience and security. Cheki, Ghana’s leading car classified, has made it simple by recommending the top 10 essential features to consider when buying a family car.

1. Safety Rating

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Five-star or it’s a no go. You want your family’s car to have survived crash tests and know that it won’t easily roll over.

2. Hands-Free Technology

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You need to take calls on the go, but answering calls while driving with your kids in the car is not recommended. Chat in safety with in-built, hands free bluetooth to keep your eyes on the road.

3. Side Airbags

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Accidents happen. You want to be prepared for the worst. Every family car should be equipped with not only front but also side airbags in case of a crash.

4. Sliding Doors

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With little ones in the car, opening doors all the time can be a tricky affair. Sliding doors will make your life much easier. Children can get in and out of the car on their own without having to push doors too heavy for them. For maximum safety, you can ensure that you control the doors from your door-control unit.

5. Rear Sensors and Cameras

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Family cars tend to be large and backing up may be tricky. It is not always easy to see what’s directly behind the car. While side mirrors and the rear view mirrors are not always enough, rear cameras give you a clearer view.

6. Cup Holders

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Sometimes, it’s the little things. Cup holders are likely to be overlooked, but are convenient in a family car. For those quick meals that will happen on the go, or the drinks you pick on the way to various destinations.

7. Storage

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A family car’s biggest requirement is space. You will always need space to store your kid’s gear to school, family events, sports functions and other everyday travelling. For younger kids, you might need storage space that is easily accessible from front passenger seat or the driver’s seat. As the kids grow older, storage can be transferred to the back areas where they can access whatever they want within the confines of their seat belts.

8. 4-Wheel Drive or All-Wheel Drive

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Nothing improves a car’s safety level than the car’s wheel type. If you frequently travel upcountry, or live in an area that has inserviced roads, you might want to consider getting an all-wheel or 4WD car. This will help you navigate these roads in harsh weather conditions and guarantee a higher level of safety that a two-wheel drive cannot.

9. Sunshades

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Travelling with the sun’s glare burning your face and upper torso is uncomfortable for an adult. For a child, it is unbearable. Sunshades will help keep the little ones comfortable in their seats on a sunny day and give you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on the road. It is advisable to ensure these shades are in-built instead of after-market since it might be difficult to find the right fit.

10. Anti-Lock Brakes

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Travelling with kids is always unpredictable. They may start crying or demanding your attention, catching you off guard. During such times, you might need to slam your breaks to avoid an accident. You need brakes that will not lock as they are always safer and easier to resume driving after a sudden stop.

Recommended Family Car
With all these family friendly features and more, you may want to consider the Honda CRV for your next family car. If you’re looking for the best price, go to Cheki’s used 4WD & SUV selection. They have the highest quality used cars for sale by trusted dealers as well as cars for sale by owner in Ghana. You can compare prices, features and contact the seller conveniently online.

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