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21.06.2005 Diaspora News

Farewell party for Ambassador to Korea

Collins Yaw Kyere

Ghanaian Communities hold farewell party for His Excellency Mr. Edward Obeng Kufuor The Ghanaian Communities in Korea held a farewell party over the weekend in honour of the Ghana Ambassador to Korea, His Excellency Mr. Edward Obeng Kufuor, to mark the end of his 4 year Service in Korea. The Ceremony was held at Twilight Zone in Itaewon, Seoul. His Excellency was accompanied by his wife, Diplomats of Ghana and about 200 people who were present to say their Good-byes.

The ceremony, commenced at 4:45pm with an opening prayer by Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Mackay. He welcomed the Guest of Honour, the Ambassador and all people present. He also took the opportunity to thank His Excellency for honoring the invitation. The Chairman of the Seoul Branch of the Ghanaian Community Union in Korea, Mr. Clint Jojo Dines in his keynote address thanked the Ambassador for persistently honoring all Ghanaians invitations. He also commended His Excellency for his utmost contribution towards the awareness, unity and togetherness of the Ghanaian community. He added, "I remember the first time we had a meeting with His Excellency at the embassy, He said this is your house: feel free to come with your problems and we will be there for you".

Mr. dines also thanked His Excellency for bringing Welfare and Consular Officer, Mr. J.B. Dery Kpebesani, who has been efficiently assisting Ghanaians in welfare and counseling.

Mr. Dines continued by congratulating the Ambassador for establishing the necessary measures which now allow ex-patriot Ghanaians residing in Korea to obtain passports from the Embassy in Seoul, whereas before they were issued in Tokyo, Japan. According to Mr. Dines, the duration of passport replacement and cost have both been mitigated as passports can now be issued in three working days at half the previous cost.

His Excellency, Mr.E.O.Kufuor addressed the occasion with great gratification and thanked the executives and the organizers for their efforts. He explained how parting has been the greatest agony in his 30 years of Foreign Service to the nation but he has not forgotten all the people he has met and worked with throughout these years. There had been many instances when he had to leave his people for another assignment in a different country, however this time he will be not be leaving for another assignment, he is entering retirement after 30 years of service. He also took the opportunity to appreciate and thank Mr. Kumah, the former Chairman of the Ilsan Ghana Union for his massive contribution and uplifting of the Ghanaian Community in Korea.

In his Excellency's farewell address he encouraged Ghanaians to register with the mission and update their records since most Ghanaians have still not registered with the Embassy. He also mentioned to the leaders of the various communities to solidify their unions under one umbrella ensuring a comprehensive channel of communication and co-ordination among the three existing branches of Ghanaian Community Unions. He added that through this Ghanaians in Korea will be able to share time together, promote Ghanaian culture, solve problems specific to Ghanaians, avoid loneliness, as well as resolve insurmountable issues.

His Excellency was awarded a certificate of honour presented by Mr. Muhktar Kadiri, the Financial Secretary of the Seoul Union on behalf of the Ghanaian community in Korea

Finally, a toast was proposed by Mr. Kumah to bless His Excellency for his hard work and dedication to Ghanaians. He also wished him a profound farewell, safe arrival to his motherland, Ghana and, all the best on his retirement.

This occasion has been one of the greatest ceremonies of all time in the history of Ghanaians in Korea.