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Rev Otabil, God's Creation Looks Like An Insult?

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Good morning fellow Ghanaians.
The statement that was issued by the Central Bank on Monday,14th August 2017, indicating the Bank of Ghana has approved a purchase and assumption transaction with GCB Bank Limited that transfers of all deposits and selected assets of UT Bank Ltd and Capital Bank Ltd to GCB Bank Ltd has thrown the country into a state of shock and disbelieve.

The Bank of Ghana has revoked the licenses of UT Bank Ltd and Capital Bank Ltd. This action according to them has become extremely necessary due to severe impairment of their capital.

I have personally been worried with this current development because l don't want to see a single worker of both Banks be out of employment.

I said so because,there are no jobs in the country currently and when some workers of the two Banks are made to go home after assessment has be done by GCB,it will go a long way to negatively affect the workers and their families.

Those who have worked in both Banks for some period now are definitely bread winners in their respective families so laying them off will indeed be a great disaster.

Reading of books teaches us to understand that, prevention is also better than cure.

In that regard,many Ghanaians in expressing their views on the surprising takeover must question why those in management of the the two Banks couldn't do anything proper to avert the current bad situation both Banks are all witnessing.

It was therefore,shocking to most of us to have heard that, Rev Otabil's name been mentioned to have something doing with Capital Bank.

In the state of disbelieve and shock,many have questioned the competence of Rev. Otabil regarding the disgrace that was brought to Capital Bank.

As citizens in a democracy nation like Ghana,we are all entitled to our varying views and opinions on all national issues of which that of UT and Capital Banks are of no exception.

It must therefore be put on the record that,Rev Otabil is someone who expresses his opinions on national issues a lot more notable among was especially during the era of Former President John Dramani Mahama led government.

I don't think there was any occasion in that anything he said as a person,the then President reacted to him with some kinds of words to describe him just for expressing his opinions as a citizen so to speak.

As the saying goes,we are all to do to others what we want others to do to us.

I therefore found it very shocking and unbelievable the comment made by Rev Otabil yesterday,a person some of us respect so much because of his powerful Bible teachings to have said at his congregation in reacting to the ugly thing that had happened that,people who have no right to even mentioned his name in their speech are now freely hurling insults at him due to Central Bank's recent takeover of Capital Bank of which International Central Gospel Church owns some interest.

This statement to me,l find mind blowing.So it means before this Bank takeover there were some people in this country who were not qualified to mention Rev Otabil's name in their speech?

This is a very very interesting revelation.Why so?What determines those who are qualified to mention his name in their speeches?

As a believer of Christ,l think it is our sacred duty to make sure we all watch our tongues especially when we are provoked so that,the God we worship will be glorified at all times.

In the continuation of his statement he added that,you look at the person insulting you and the person sometimes,himself looks like an insult.

This statement is also very worrying to me and l believe it will be a headache to many Ghanaians as well.

It shows clearly with the choice of words of Rev Otabil those whom he claimed to have insulted him are men.I said so because of the pronoun used "but then because of the abundance of his insult,he is insulting you"

I will like to find out whether it is true that,some Ghanaians look like insult.

The Holy Bible at Gen.1:27 reads;so God created mankind in His own image,in the image of God He created them;male and female He created.

So inferring from Rev. Otabil's statement,does it mean that,our most high God the saviour and giver of life is an insult Himself?

I will be very glad if Rev Otabil will come out to tell us all that,according to his assessment makes someone to look like an insult.

This will help largely in clearing doubts in the minds of Ghanaians concerning the statement he made.

As Christians we are to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ and l know Rev Otabil teaches on that to his congregation as well.

He is also very much aware people said a lot of things against Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible for no wrong doings not in his case when it can be said there might be some negligence but did Jesus Christ ever referred to them as people who looks like an insult?No!

Surprisingly,Rev Otabil could not mentioned a single insult against him to enable us do a fair assessment to know whether indeed he was insulted or it was just the normal criticism and expression of views of fellow Ghanaians on the shocking and unexpected thing that happened to both Banks.

Rev Otabil should understand that,he criticizes others and that he is someone who expresses his views and opinions on national issues so should so just accept all criticisms now that,it is his turn and should avoid using words that do not glorify the name of God against those speaking their mind on the issues.

To me,l think Rev Otabil should now be concern about the workers and must think of what he can do with his influence to make sure none of the workers are not made to go home.

Let us do to others,what we expect others to do onto us.No creature of God is an insult.God created all things in His Divine Wisdom and saw that it was good and blessed them all.

Long Live Ghana!
Long Live Democracy
Long Live GCB

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