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01.06.2005 Diaspora News

Kwahu University Fund Raiser - Chairperson's Remarks


Following my initial article about Kwahu University – that is The Presbyterian University – I traveled to London on an invitation from Kwahu Towns Association to cover the fabulous FUND RAISING DINNER AND DANCE which happened on 28th May, 2005.

The purpose you all know is to raise funds to assist the University meet various commitments in its planning and development.

As a preface of impending planned articles to come on this subject, I give below a full text of the pro-term chairperson – Miss Florence Osafo's speech for the evening that was not read (but a gist given) and is now published. We were honoured on the evening with distinguished gentlemen and womenfolk from all nations and crowned with the presence of our own Ghana High Commissioner, for United Kingdom, His Excellency Mr. Isaac Osei who also gave a reassuring speech which received tumultuous round of applause.

“Good Evening! Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen:

I call everybody here today as “distinguished” for you have all distinguished yourselves in creating time to be here and today I stand carrying two heads, one as the chairperson for KWAHUMAN ASSOCIATION and the other, pro-term chairperson for KWAHU TOWNS ASSOCIATION – that is, the representative committee members representing all the various Kwahu Associations. Kwahu Towns Association in conjunction with Kwahuman Association had been responsible in organizing this function.

On behalf of Kwahu Towns Association and Kwahuman Association, I welcome you all and I am optimistic that we are all going to have an enjoyable and memorable evening.

We are all assembled here today to celebrate two main things;


Firstly, a good opportunity, educationally, that has happened to Kwahu State and Ghana at large in the establishment of one of the three Presbyterian Universities with its central administration, as well as other faculties, to be cited in the state.


Secondly, to enjoy ourselves and through that to fulfill our main objective to raise funds to assist the Board of Governors of the University in the development of necessary infra-structure, that, permanent buildings e.g. halls of residence, dinning rooms, transport facilities and scholarships for talented students from less rich homes.

I therefore, trust that we shall have but one aim in view, to please each other and unite in the grand design of being happy and communicating happiness to each other; and long may that spirit continue.

The greatest art of all has been said to be the art of living. We must here give thanks to the Almighty that we are all alive, living and kicking today. It has also been said to be the art of giving. These two statements are complimentary for we are for we are only living to the extent that we can give, whether it is money, time, service, or cheerful inspiration.

With this saying I would like, in the first place, to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you here today, and a special thanks to some of you who have found time and traveled all the way from overseas (i.e. from Ghana, America, Canada and Europe and If I may say so from the four corners of the globe) to come and be with us on this memorable occasion.

May I once again Thank you for coming”.