Electrical Safety And Precautions

By Hopeh David
Safety and Electricity Electrical Safety And Precautions
JUN 28, 2017 LISTEN

We all use electricity one way or the other, bathroom we use electricity to

  1. cook, we use our electric cookers to cook, powered by electricity
  2. wash, our washing machines are powered by electricity
  3. drive, our cars have electrical parts, without which our cars won't function well.
  4. bath, in our bathroom both the cold water and the hot water is power by electricity.
  5. play music, our phones etc plays music because of electricity.
  6. charge phones which we use for calls and internet connections
  7. watch TV
  8. conserve foods stuff, we use our fridges to keep food from spoiling and that fridge is powered by electricity
  9. to iron, I wonder how our beautiful clothes will look like without ironing.
  10. for production and manufacturing, tell me how companies will have produce without electricity.
  11. Hospitals, markets, companies, offices, banks, schools. airports, malls, fuel filling stations etc use electricity one way or the other.

My objectives center around the focus of you and electricity, the media today have neglected weightier matters, such as electricity aka (power) I will always say we are addicted to electricity usage, but most of us have not taken out the time to read or learn about it, as a result of many die using it, many are shocked using it, many properties are destroyed using it. Last month 2017/4/22 coconut grove hotel was strike with electrical fire, we were called after the fire when we got there the fire had already had it way, I read on the internet that a staff of ATV said I saw a fire coming out of an air condition out outlet.

What a shock. This could have been prevented, nevertheless they have asked us to carry out a complete electrical audit on their hotel etc. but my QUESTION is, must we always wait to take action after the accident? Why can't we prepare for evil days?

Below are links to most horrible electrical shocks, fire, and death right here in our country our world.

But the big question is; what is electricity is? How does it manifest itself? How is it produce? How do I use it without being harm by it? , how do I use it and save money? , how do I speak to the rightful institutions in charge for help in caseIi need one? All this and much more are the questions this account seeks to address.

There is a saying,” electricity is a good servant but a bad master”. How true?

YOU AND ELECTRICITY, both online and radio which seeks to help her readers and listeners. don't miss it like this page and follow us live.

This is just to prepare the grounds, in my next articles I will address the concerns of the subject.


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