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10 April 2017 | Regional News

Shiashie Land Case: Litigants Trade Insults In Court

James Appiakorang Jnr., Kumasi
Shiashie Land Case: Litigants Trade Insults In Court

Several people were drawn to the Accra High Court 12 on Thursday March 16, 2016 when some litigants in a land case engaged each other in insults which nearly resulted in a fight but for the intervention of some passersby.

The two have been locked up in litigation over plot number 13 at Shiashie since May 2013.

It was gathered that, the Defendants Mrs. Comfort Korkor Kwashie and her representative Sandy Kwashie were intentionally playing ‘hide and seek’ in the case just to buy time to cover their fraudulent Judgment they received in the court in 2009.

Mrs. Comfort Korkor Kwashie had told the court that all the processes could be given to her lawyers.

But Mrs. Darko was also of the opinion that some of the processes should be served to the Defendant herself.

After the proceedings on the 20th of April, 2016, the court Presided over by Justice Merley Wood ordered the Defendants to give the Plaintiff the direction to her new residence with the support of a Bailiff, this is because her representative Sandy Kwashie told the court she had not received any of the several substituted services granted the Plaintiff by the court because she had relocated from her previous residence.

But after sitting, the Plaintiff said the Bailiff and herself made several attempts to have Sandy Kwashie give them their new address but to no avail.

Mrs. Darko has been in the tussle with the Defendants Mrs. Comfort Korkor Kwashie and Emmanuel Tetteh Kwashie alias Nene Azago I of Manya Krobo, now being represented by their son Sandy Kwashie, and Nii Tetteh Opremireh and co over plot number 13 at Shiashie since May 2013.

Mrs. Comfort Korkor Kwashie claimed she lives in America and asked that her son Sandy Kwashie to represent her whenever the case is called.

But, she continued, in order to deceive the court and not have his (Sandy Kwashie) name come on record at the court, he would always sneak out of the court when the case is about to be called and reappear only after the case is called making it appear as if he was not in court.

Counsel for the defendants their lawyer managed to garnishee all Mrs. Darko’s accounts even though she was not a party to the suit number AL/27/2008.

She then contested that the judgment was fraudulently obtained since some foreign documents were added as part of their exhibit which was hitherto not part of their original exhibits and their evidence in chief given by Emmanuel Tetteh Kwarshie to reach judgment, hence the whole judgment is tainted by fraud.

By the case in court now, which has gone even beyond direction and both parties have filed their witness statements and need to move to case management then the trial, but surprisingly, the Defendants have now presented a motion to strike out the whole case knowing that the trial process could uncover their fraudulent deal, hence that attempt to delay the case.

Since this case has a serious human interest angle, we shall be following it keenly.