24.03.2005 General News

Fuss Over Perks For Ministers As Unnecessary -Kufuor

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President Kufuor has dismissed notions that government ministers unnecessarily enjoy perks that critics say place a burden on the taxpayer and the country's scarce resources.

After he swore in 19 deputy ministers into office on Thursday, the President said ministers are accorded privileges as compensation so they can be better committed in selfless service to the state.

Critics who argue against the large size of government complain that state resources are expended for the luxury of ministers.

In particular campaigners against the fuel price hikes, have referred to free vehicles, free petrol, free utility services and government bungalows as the many pegs provided to the detriment of the of larger community.

But the President told his audience at the Osu-Castle that the fuss over ministers' fringe benefits was unnecessary.

According to the President, the privileges ministers enjoy come with responsibilities that ought to be appreciated by the critics.

President Kufuor also swore in a 20 member Council of State.

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