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15.02.2005 Diaspora News

Ghanaian Ambassador Replies LIDA

By The Analyst
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Monrovia, Liberia, Feb. 15, 2005 -- Ghanaian Ambassador Ernest Kwame Asiedu Amoa-Awua has reacted to a letter by the Liberia Democracy Alert (LIDA) requesting him to advise the Ghanaian General Manager of the Liberia Agricultural Company (LAC) to refrain from Liberian politics.

A letter by LIDA to the Ghanaian Ambassador stemmed from a LAC article signed by its manager George Quarteng Mensah, explaining reasons why the company did not retain presidential candidate Charles Brumskine as its legal counsel.

Issues raised in the article appeared to have prompted LIDA to advise the Ghanaian envoy to advise his compatriot not to meddle in Liberian politics.

In his reply, Ambassador Amoa-Awua said, "LIDA should take issue with LAC but not with the Ghanaian nationality of Mr. George Quarteng Mensah, a law abiding person of good standing in society who will not willfully compromise the national interest of Liberia." He acknowledged receipt of the letter dated February 8, 2005, in which LIDA said George Quarteng Mensah, the General Manager of Liberia Agricultural Company (LAC), "had commented in an article in such a way as to indicate quote 'Mr. Mensah's involvement with Liberian politics which we do believe, is unethical, unconstitutional and a threat to our national interest".

According to the Ghanaian envoy, " it is my conviction that your request to me to quote, 'advise your citizen, Mr. George Quanteng Mensah, to stay clear of Liberian politics' unquote, completely misses the point.'" "Mr. George Quarteng Mensah is my compatriot who is in good standing in both Ghana and Liberia," Ambassador Amoa-Awua noted, adding "He is also the General Manager of LAC. It is in his capacity as General Manager of LAC that he penned the article." In effect, the Ambassador said the article is a LAC article, which expresses the views of LAC.

"LAC is a corporate body with investment in Liberia. Your organization, Liberia Democracy Alert should take issue with the LAC on whose behalf Mr. Mensah issued the letter. The nationality of Mr. Mensah plays no role in the matter," he argued.

Ambassador Amoa-Awua reminded LIDA that he has been advising and shall continue to advise his compatriots in Liberia to stay clear of Liberia's politics.

"We should however bear in mind, that there are numerous persons in Liberia who are thought by other people to be Ghanaians, but who have legally ceased to be Ghanaians by virtue of naturalizing as Liberians, and renouncing their Ghanaian citizenship in the process. This is not the case of Mr. George Quarteng Mensah," he reiterated.

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