"Why I Love Everything About Donald J. Trump Even As A Black African"

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Donald Trump

If you are an avid reader of my writings, then you probably know that Donald J. Trump is one of my topmost role models. In fact, I usually quote his words of wisdom in my articles, and I unequivocally assert that he is my great mentor as a budding entrepreneur. Hey, I am an avowed Pan-Africanist to the bone, yet I do not hate Donald Trump, the man perceived as an uncompromising racist.

Let Donald Trump constantly speak ill of blacks; I still yearn to work with him in writing circles even as a black African writer. Why? Donald J. Trump may exude the attitude of white supremacy, but he is a fine gentleman whose incredible success story inspires me a lot. Besides, I really admire the Real Donald because he is a maverick just like me.

Unfortunately, a chunk of the black race actually detest the personality of Donald J. Trump, describing him as an obstinate racist who undermines the dignity of blacks and insults the intelligence of black people. I just had a conversation with Winnie, a lady friend of mine, and I critically remarked that Donald J. Trump is my man. She furiously said, "That guy is a racist; I hate him. He is not real and blunt...He comes out to talk about blacks with such arrogance..." Well, Donald Trump stated in his book 'Think Like a Champion' that, "One reason people like me is because I'm blunt. One reason people don't like me is because I'm blunt. But one reason I'm successful is that I can cut through nonsense quickly and get to the core of things."

Moreover, until the black race perceive Donald J. Trump as an intellectually objective person whose sincere comments about blacks are gospel truths, we will make no headway in our struggle for absolute economic freedom. For Christ's sake, this man is an American business mogul who cannot fathom out why Africa still wallows in despair in the midst of abundant and precious mineral resources. He is shocked to see corrupt African leaders engineering Africa's sufferings of epic proportions. Donald proclaims the hard and painful truths about blacks which we all need to be ashamed of rather than lambasting him for. Enough of the sheer hypocrisy, black folks!

Now let me declare why I love everything about Donald J. Trump. He is a prolific author with impeccable writing skills. His powerful book "Think Like a Champion" actually enlightened me on business success and wealth creation. Trump's business credentials are simply unparalleled. No wonder he has built an industrial conglomerate which has made him a billionaire worth over $4 billion. As an astute politician, Trump advocates for visionary, pragmatic and disciplinary leadership which he exemplifies in the world of business. And I wish him good luck in his US presidential candidacy. Yes, Donald J. Trump is not a perfect individual, but I really love him for who he is no matter his shortcomings. God bless Donald Trump!