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26.11.2004 General News

Rawlings Speaks At last About NRC Report

By Lens
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Mr. Kufuor - Pulling strings Behind the Scenes "It Does Not Come As a Surprise" President Jerry John Rawlings, the main personality that the Kufuor Regime had in mind to criminalise and demonise through the setting up of the NRC has finally spoken about segments of the report of the NRC that were widely published in the pro-NPP newspapers a few weeks ago.

It is an open secret that the NRC which was ostensibly set up to find the truth of the nation's history of human rights abuses was in reality only a political tool of the hyper-vindictive Kufuor regime. No wonder that the ingenuity of the Ghanaian quickly came to the fore when the Commission became christened as the Nail Rawlings Commission instead of the National Reconciliation Commission.

Speaking to your authoritative Lens Newspaper in an exclusive interview recently, President Rawlings described the Report of the Commission as a "Politicaly Motivated Immorality."

He said, "It is really sad that individuals (members of the Commission) that want to present themselves as upright citizens could stoop so low as to churn out such a politically motivated immoral Report."

President Rawlings however quickly added that, "though this development is sad for the country, it does not come as a surprise at all."

He said that any impartial person who followed closely the conduct of many of these individuals would have long known what the agenda was from the beginning.

President Rawlings was however sad that the US government failed to see though the charade, and allowed the deceitful Kufuor regime to Con-vince them into giving the Commission tens of thousands of dollars to support this Sham.

"What did they expect," asked President Rawlings. "Don't they know the history of this breed of people?"

From all indications, the NRC has also woefully failed to deal the lethal blow it was set up to administer to the NDC and its founder Jerry Rawlings. Like the fast track court and all the other agencies funded by the desperate Kufuor regime to do to the NDC what the NLC/PP did to Kwame Nkrumah, the spirit of the NDC has again proven to be too indomitable to be destroyed by these appendages of the ruling NPP.

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