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17.01.2016 Feature Article

Got Faith in Elohiym? Allow Him to Disease-proof Your Body Forever For Free!!

Got Faith in Elohiym? Allow Him to Disease-proof Your Body Forever For Free!!
LISTEN JAN 17, 2016

Even though mankind today has advanced tremendously in the fields of medicine and technology, he seems to be fighting a losing battle against an ever-growing menace to life. This menace to life is disease; ill health. Mankind's body is constantly being besieged by disease-causing bacteria, germs, viruses, parasites, etc., which, at the immediate post-Creation past, these organisms never dared to do!

Man's body, composed of earth at Creation, has now become a habitat for all types of parasites and killer micro organisms commonly available in soil—the natural habitat of these organisms, made available for them by their Creator!

Long before Creation, Elohiym foresaw that the lifestyles of mankind would render the disease control and self-healing mechanisms He built into man’s body ineffective to all manner of diseases—epilepsy, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, AIDS, etc—as a result of the sins of mankind. And so, about two millennia ago, He revealed a miracle healthcare plan He had put in place to give all of mankind a disease-proof body!

Before this disease-proof body became available to all mankind, Elohiym constantly announced its coming in the Torah and demonstrated its authenticity and glory in, and by, His dealings with the children of Yisroel under a covenant He made with them. In fact, before Elohiym delivered this disease-proof body to all kindred of mankind, He put in place a system among the children of Yisroel to, as it were, test-run this product throughout a period of over 1,500 years!

Hear what Elohiym says to Yisroel under this covenant about His healthcare plan for them—“. . . I am the Lord who heals you”—cf. Shemot (Exodus) 15:26; “Who forgives you of all your iniquities; who heals all your diseases”—cf. Tehillim (Psalm) 103:3; “He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions” Tehillim (Psalm) 107:20; and ". . . the Lord will take away from thee all sickness . . ."—cf. Devarim (Deuteronomy) 7:15. So then, under the covenant Elohiym made with Yisroel at Mt. Sinai, all healthcare needs of Yisroel were borne by Elohiym at zero cost to Yisroel.

When Yahushua HaBen HaElohiym [Yahushua the Son of Elohiym] arrived on Earth and began his earthly ministry in Yisroel ca. 26 CE, he announced that he had come bringing Chayyei Olam (Eternal Life?), that is, the very type of Life in the Creator, to indwell individual bodies of all mankind—cf. YahuKhanan (John?) 3:14-16—by recreating the bodies of all men who would believe in him so as to make them disease-proof, and to join all of such bodies to his own disease-proof body in a tree-and-branch relationship—cf. YahuKhanan (John?) 15: 5.

When the fulfillment was due for all mankind to access the blessing in having such a disease-proof human body, Yahushua had his own disease-proof body bruised with whip lashes—cf. YeshaYahu (Isaiah?) 53:4-5, Markos (Mark?) 15:15, YahuKhanan (John?) 19:1 and Kefa Alef (First Peter) 2:24—and then hung on a pole outside the Gates of YahuSalem, the Holy City.

The bruised body of Yahushua was hung in the similar manner that a bronze serpent was hung on a pole outside their camp during Yisroel's wilderness journey to heal any person who was bitten by a snake of its venom, if only the person would go to look at it—cf. Bamidbar (Numbers) 21:5-9.

So then, today, anybody who is led by the Wisdom of Elohiym on a spiritual trip to Mt. Gulgotha in the countryside of the then YahuSalem to behold the disfigured body of the Savior hanging on a pole there, having understanding of that horrible spectacle, and therefore shows remorse and sorrow in his heart because he understands and accepts that his sins are the cause of what happened to the Savior as he hung there, that repentant sinner gains instant healing for his disease-riddled and a cure of his disease-prone body!

The wish of Elohiym is for any such repentant sinner, so healed, to keep this healed body forever, and also to have a permanent fellowship with Him! And so, for this healed body to forever remain so, Elohiym takes the healed sinner one step further towards coming into His miracle-wonder healthcare plan.

Elohiym instructs the healed person to go through the ordinance of the Ivri ritual called tevilah (dipping oneself, momentarily) in a mikveh mayim (place of naturally gathered flowing living waters)—baptism?—in and into the name of the Savior, Yahushua, according to His instructions in MattitYahu (Matthew?) 28:19, Markos (Mark) 16:16, and Ma’asim (Acts) 2:38-39.

When one enters the waters for tevilah, the wisdom and power of Elohiym act so as to immediately dissolve the whole vile body of the one within the few seconds he dips himself into the waters of tevilah, and then, within a twinkle of an eye, He reassembles this body after whatever contaminants that were in it, arising from the sin of the first Adam, have been dropped in the water and neutralized!!

This mystery of tevilah in a mikveh mayim (baptism?) brings to mind how salt is separated from a salt-sand mixture that has become unfit for domestic use; that is, by dissolving the mixture in a container with water so as to have the insoluble sand settle at the bottom of the container, and then, evaporating to dryness the obtained brine to recover sand-free salt.

Now, all suitable waters for tevilah in a mikveh mayim are, in effect, two liquids in one mix—the blood of Yahushua that removes sin and all its stains in the body of the one who undergoes tevilah, and a concentrated salt solution that saturates this body to ensure it never suffers corruption after tevilah.

Bodies of those who undergo tevilah in and into the name Yahushua, therefore, become reconstituted as mixes of water, salt, and the blood of Yahushua—cf. YechezkEl (Ezekiel) 16:4, MattitYahu (Matthew) 5:13, Ephesians 5:30, YahuKhanan Alef (First John) 5:6.

The salt within it makes it impossible for disease-causing micro organisms to enter or live in this body. Also, miraculously, the blood of Yahushua in this body ensures no sin stays within it, for his blood constantly cleanses this wonder body from sin YahuKhanan Alef (First John) 1:7.

To forever render this wonder body, made of water, salt, and the blood of Yahushua, impervious to all unwanted substances, it must be thoroughly baked in the fires of Ruwakh HaKodesh (Holy Spirit?) as “The Potter” must do to His molded clay vessels in order to eternally preserve them; and to lock in the treasures of waters, salt, and blood of Yahushua within it!!

So then, as the born anew person walks out of the waters of tevilah, Ruwakh HaKodesh of Elohiym rushes into him to take full possession of his newly created body, in completion of the born of mayim (water) and of the Ruwakh (Spirit) process of YahuKhanan (John?) 3:5.

In as much as all sicknesses result from the committing of sin, this sin-proof human body, indeed, now becomes a bank of inexhaustible vibrant life—the very Life of the Creator—that may even be dispensed in faith through the “laying of hands”, by the human vessel holding this Life of the Creator in him, in order to heal any people suffering from any kinds of diseases and physical defects!!

For those genuinely born anew into the salvation of Elohiym their disease-proof bodies become His dwelling places and, thus, are unable to suffer any disease condition when He is actively resident in them by displaying His power and glory!! This is what it means for a man to be born anew and to have Chayyei Olam (Eternal Life) dwell in him, even while he lives here on planet Earth!!

The possession of this disease-proof body, which is fully saturated with Chayyei Olam, rendered free of any evidence and effects of sin, and also perpetually filled with Ruwakh HaKodesh of Elohiym, is the clearest evidence that anyone who clings to this state of blessedness would definitely be successful in one’s pilgrimage to spend Eternity in Shamayim with Elohiym, Yahushua, the host of holy malakim (angels) and all other holy followers of HaDerekh (The Way).

You may want to read and meditate on Markos (Mark) 16:18, Ma’asim (Acts) 28:3-6 and Romans 8:11 to further understand, be awed by its glory, and appreciate how such a disease-proof human body functions under the Beyrit Khadasha (New Testament?) dispensation in the lives of all holy children of Elohiym!

May you, my dear reader, strive to come into this state of blessedness of a disease-proof body, which is freely given as a gift by Elohiym, so you would ultimately be blessed with life in His presence in Shamayim, living with Him throughout Eternity!! Shalom aleikhem.

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