12.06.2015 Opinion

The Swiftest Wing Of Recompense Should Not Be Slow To Overtake The Chivalrous

By Issah S. Sulemana
The Swiftest Wing Of Recompense Should Not Be Slow To Overtake The Chivalrous
12.06.2015 LISTEN

Everybody’s attention has been drawn to those chivalrous men who risked their lives to save some of the flood and fire victims in Accra on that gloomy Wednesday night. Bravo! The first gentleman in the country, the president should not be remiss in giving a thank-you speech to all deserving souls.

Of course, with some philanthropic zeal some men were gallantly in that tempestuous-storm helping their fellow mortals to save their lives from peril and that is just the type of unalterable determination that is required of each and every one of us. The world has become so desolate that almost all the time, cries for help are not heeded to these days.

A distressed fellow may squeal, grunt or yell at the peak of his voice, to the hearing of people, but none may show their interest or willingness to help. The security agencies are no better in this regard. The Ghana fire service personnel who were present to prevent the conflagration from spreading its marauding tentacles to other near-by buildings deserve some pats on their shoulders.

Incredibly, during the good old days people were each other’s keepers by risking their lives most often for the benefit of humanity. Nowadays, the reverse is the gospel truth.

Human predators have rather emerged and the insensate barbarism these crop of humans display at any given opportunity ( killing, maiming and destruction of property) is akin to the fire and flood that left a connotative damage on the national conscience.

The starlit eminence with which Jesus Christ of Nazareth stands out is remarkable to the extent that he alone, who realising he was about to leave the world at crucifixion asked his disciples this question; who among you loves me very well? The beloved apostle answered me. And Jesus said, then feed my sheep (people), implying that be good to all mankind.

Jesus did not say love Only Christians because they belong to him but all mankind. JESUS where are you? Protect my homeland Ghana and all its citizens both in the country and outside the country. Amen. Forgive us our sins for we (with the exception of a few doubting Thomas’s) believe in you.

It is only you (JESUS) that we know since the world begun, can show us the way to the father. See John v: 25,26. As if the flood and fire is not an enough cataclysm, there is this group of people calling for the head of the Accra Mayor to atone for the short-comings of the entire nation.

Even though the mayor might have acknowledged being culpable for the consequences of the flood I don’t want to think in that line. What the government ought to be doing is taking steps to curb rural-urban migration, solving the unemployment problem and last but not the least, tackle corruption. These to a large extend play a vicarious role in the current predicament we find ourselves.

Fellow countrymen, I am beseeching those who will be responsible to let relief items reach the victims to for once remain true to their calling instead of the usual stories of diversions that we are so familiar with. In this circumstance, every body’s eyes are watching..

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