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08.06.2015 Feature Article

My Revelation About The Second Coming Of Christ!!

My Revelation About The Second Coming Of Christ!!
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The Lord has given me a revelation. In it, it was raining fire from the skies. I knew as everybody else in the revelation that it was the second coming of Christ.

In the revelation, I was jubilant, and not the least bit disturbed by the fire, because I knew of no wrong in my heart. I was ready for Heaven.

Sadly as events turned out in the revelation, I was not saved. Words cannot describe my state of anguish.

I awoke from the vision deeply hurt and disappointed. This was because I was certain that ever since I truly got to know and appreciate Jesus, I had spent every minute of my time, striving to achieve His purpose.

In my prayer that morning, I could only somberly uttered the following words amidst streams of tears and deep anguish, ‘God! God! This is not fair! This is not fair!’

I collapsed on the floor and almost drowned in my own tears, feeling dejected abandoned and miserable.. I concluded that, after all, ‘there is no reward for all the toils I have been embroiled in’.

Suddenly I heard a very still voice. ‘Behold I am with you, even to the end of the age. I will never leave nor forsake you’.

Before I could take in the full weight of the message, the voice continued. 'You were not the one in the revelation; you only represented today's Christian. It was not actually you. The voice went on

‘But you were used to communicate the message that those who think they stand should stand firm less they fall’.

The voice went on to explain the vision. 'Many Christians are busy. Very busy giving all their time to Christian related activities but sincerely have lost the essence, holiness and purpose of Christlikeness. It is as the bible says, my people worship me with their lips but their hearts are far away.

They prepare the gospel for others, pray for others and ignore themselves, their children, families and even friends.

Being a Christian should first transform you in holiness and that lifestyle should bring first those around you to Christ before those abroad.

This is as, was the lifestyle of the early Christians in Antioch that birthed the name ‘Christians’, that is ‘Christ-like’, for they looked and acted as Christ did.

The gospel should do that to you even to the point of observers noticing it.

Secondly, Christ enjoined all his disciples to start preaching the gospel from Jerusalem before going to the outer most part of the world. Jerusalem was their home, where they had lived. Your Jerusalem should be your children, spouses, all other family members, friends and work colleagues. When the gospel has transformed you and your families, you are cleared to go to the outer most parts of the world to transform strangers and the world as a whole.

'My concern my child’, the voice went on, ‘is that it does not matter how you busy yourselves with the gospel , and how you allow it to consume all of you. But if it does not lead you and your families into a holy lifestyle you will be disappointed, as You were in the revelation’.

Go and share this with everybody.' The voice ended.

I gathered my broken self from the floor and dried it of the tears and buried myself into what I had just heard.

I begun asking myself whether the gospel of Christ has made me truly ‘Christ-like’ both in person and in action to the extent that those around me can testify that truly this is a Christian or I was just busy with the gospel?

Bible says the centurion who supervised the death of Christ as he watched the immediate aftermath of the crucifixion exclaimed ' truly!

This is the Son of God.
Can Unbelievers exclaim that truly, I am a son of God (Christian)?

That was not all. There was a second hurdle.
By my lifestyle and utterances, which of my family members, friends and close associates have I spoken the word to transform into Christlikeness? After all they are my Jerusalem. Or am I busy judging Muslims, traditional worshippers and people of other faith or worse, am I preaching the gospel to strangers whilst my own home lies in ruins?

I felt the full weight of the assignment ahead of me as one who seeks eternal life.

He who thinks he stands should watch less he falls.

Akyena Brantuo Benjamin
[email protected]
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Akyena Brantuo Benjamin
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