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Critics | Mar 22, 2015

Npp Hypocrisy At It's Best

Npp Hypocrisy At It's Best

NDC USA Coalition Chapters wants to remind NPP Germany that President John Dramani Mahama is being called President because he is the President of Ghana.

He won an elections, was taken to court, He won the case in court.

He was challenged, tried and tested and that makes Him the TRUE CERTIFY PRESIDENT of the Republic of Ghana.

Again he is being called Oseadeyo because he does all what he promised Ghanaians.

Maybe all the projects HE Oseadeyo President John Dramani Mahama is undertaken should be translated to German language or ask NPP mother party in Ghana and better still go to Ghana Embassy in Germany to be shown the good and viable projects of the great NDC [That is what We call Better Ghana Agenda of the NDC}

As NDC will not want to play the politics of blame game and accused NPP for not doing anything about the Power Crises in Ghana, HE President Oseadeyo Mahama is in full control and doing the best for Ghana in short and long term.

We all understand that it is taken too long a time to fix that problem but that doesn't mean the government is not doing anything about it. With all due respect, LET NPP GIVE ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION.

When the Government invited all and sundry to come to Senkye to discuss, debate and find lasting solution to Ghana's economic problems, NPP refused to honor the invitation.

When a leading member of NPP {Kwame Mpeanin} participated in that forum, he was accused to be a traitor.

Let us all go back and listen to the speech the late President HE Atta Mills gave on power{ April 5th 2007} on the Power crises in Ghana even when he was a flag bearer not the President. That is what we call vision.

Also read President J.A. Kuffour's State of the Nation's Address to Parliament on February 8th, 2007.

NPP seems to have solutions to all the problems in Ghana but when Nana Akomea was given the chance to tell all Ghanaians what NPP will do to solve the power crises in Ghana; he said he will not do anything different as NDC has done.

We are so sorry we cannot write in German language for NPP Germany to understand but NPP mother party in Ghana can translate to English or Twi for them to understand well.

After all Minister Sarfo Marfo went to Germany to sign an agreement for Ghana without letting someone to translate from German to English. Also NPP Minister of health was to attend an AIDS conference in USA and came to have sex without using protection and eventually moved to the Roads and Highways Ministry. THAT IS NPP FOR YOU.

NDC USA Coalition Chapters have come to realized that with all the big mouth of the NPP, it is good for Ghana and good for NDC because they keep NDC in check to stay course on our BETTER GHANA agenda.

Long Live NPP In Opposition

Long Live Ghana

Long Live NDC From Vitory To Victory

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