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02.08.2004 Business & Finance

Standard Chartered Bank gain pushes up GSE Index

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Accra, Aug. 2, GNA - An 8,000-cedi gain by Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) on Monday pushed up the main stock index in trading that saw Accra Brewery Limited recording another bulk sale, the second in less than one week.

The GSE All-Share Index climbed by 45.8 points at 7,170.79 points while change for the year was also better at 101.80 per cent from 100.51 per cent last Friday. SCB ended trading at 110,000 cedis on a day that only two equities saw price changes, both positive. Clydestone continued its rise with 44 cedis at 1,300 cedis.

Total shares traded ended at 2,757,000 from Friday's close of 209,900. Accra Brewery sold six million shares last Wednesday. Market capitalisation was also better at 97,383.28 billion cedis from 97,241.01 billion cedis from 3,380.89 million issued shares.

The following are the last prices of listed equities in cedis: ABL 1,400 AGA 300,000 AADs 3,006 ALW 12,100 BAT 7,800 CFAO 130 CLYD 1,300 +44 CMLT 780 CPC 1,950 EIC 3,700 FML 9,000 GBL 1,500 GCB 16,500 GGL 12,750 HFC 10,100 MGL 275 MLC 3,100 MOGL 36,857 PAF 800 PBC 3,600 PZ 4,015 SCB 110,000 +8,000 SPPC 390 SG-SSB 31,750 SWL 290 TBL 31,400 UNIL 27,500