25.02.2015 Feature Article

Protest Against Hijab in Iran Versus Protest for Hijab Right in Ghana

Protest Against Hijab in Iran Versus Protest for Hijab Right in Ghana
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We live in a world of contrast. A world where the two ends never join together. This is what I'm seeing over the Islamic Hijab in Iran and Ghana.

The evening news on CNN has drawn my attention back to the issue. I was just listening to CNN Today about five minutes ago on how some Iranian women have removed their Hijab in protest of their feminist rights abuse. Masih Alinejad, the women's right activist living in Switzerland said, this is hair revolution. Obviously it sounds like revolution especially in Iran.

On the 21st Februrary 2015, a group called Muslim Right Front took the streets and protested about some matters relating to their religious experience in Ghana. One of their grievances was the ban of the veil or Hijab in some institutional cycles. The Ghana News Agency reported it that "The group said Muslim female students were also prevented from observing their veil or Hijab on campus and Muslim professional such as nurses, bankers in the public and civil services were preventing from observing their veil as well".

Looking at the Iran-Ghana protests, each is protesting against restrictive laws. The contrast is that these Iran women think that they are under political oppression statutes, whereas in Ghana they are not restricted to put off the Hijab except in instutions such as schools, hospitals etc as the news reported above.

Iranian women think it's a right abuse whiles the Ghanaian women think that it's their right of dignity. What a world of contrast.