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06.07.2004 General News

Adabuga throws another challenge to Rawlings

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Accra, July 6, GNA - Ex-Corporal Matthew Adabuga on Tuesday threw another challenge to Former President Jerry John Rawlings to meet him at the NRC on the murder of the three High Court Judges and retired Army Officer saying he did not want a repetition of the scenario where the Former President only came out to describe him as a liar after he had returned to Norway where he is working and studying.

At a press conference in Accra, Ex-Corporal Adabuga said he had wanted the Former President Rawlings to meet him at the NRC and tell him that he did not celebrate with a bottle of champagne when Amatey Kwei reported the news of the murder of the four people in 1982 to him in his presence.

He said he also wanted Former President Rawlings to tell him that he did not send him to Bundase, where the four were murdered, to find out whether there was anything suspicious a day after the murders. Ex-Corporal Adaduba said he wanted the confrontation with Former President Rawlings for him to say that he did not confront the former President over the abduction and murders and he did not plead with him to cool down because it was a State secret when he realised that he was very angry.

"These are very serious issues, which I would have wanted Flt. Lt. Rawlings himself to come face-to-face with me at the NRC. He could have come, like Capt. Kojo Tsikata (Former National Security Advisor), with any number of Lawyers to help him out.

"I would have gone to the Commission alone, as I have always done. My defence and guide (is) the truth."

Ex-Corporal Adabuga said he was advising; "all paid cronies and spin doctors of the former President to stay out of this matter. "I have nothing to do with them. It is Flt. Lt. Rawlings that I wanted to meet at the NRC and not any of them. I will, therefore, not accept any uncomplimentary comments about me from them as they have often done in the past."

He said he had told the NRC what he saw and knew about the role played by the Former President and Captain Tsikata about the abduction and murder of the four people.

Ex-Corporal Adabuga said no nation could reconcile its people if the truth about incidents such as the abduction and killing of the Judges and the Ex-Army Officer were buried.

The bone of contention is the abduction and murder of three High Court Judges and a Retired Army Major on June 30, 1982 at the Bundase Military Range on the Accra Plains.

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