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06.07.2004 General News

How Amedeka Rejected Kwei’s Claim

By The Independent
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Lance Corporal Samuel K. Amedeka has told the Special Investigation Board (SIB) that he never received any note from Amartey Kwei, former PNDC member, purported to have come from some body in connection with the murder of the three judges and the retired army officer.

Testifying before the Board's sitting in Accra yesterday, July 5, L/Cpl. Amedeka said, “until December 7, last year when I was confronted on this question by Amartey Kwei, I never heard of Captain Tsikata's involvement in the murder case”. Lance Corporal Amedeka said on December 7 last year (1982) the technical investigation team interrogated him again during which Amartey Kwei alleged that he (Kwei) took a note from Captain Tsikata to him (Amedeka).

Witness said he persistently denied the allegation and repeatedly told them that he acted on the instructions of Amartey Kwei.

At certain stages, Amedeka said, one of the interrogators whom he was able to identify in person at the sitting continuously tried to extract from him information “linking the Chairman” with the incident.

This, he explained to the Board, he could never do since the information they were forcing him to give was not true, and that so far as he was concerned, he was working directly with Amartey Kwei who was then a PNDC member, and for that matter taking orders from a superior office.

Earlier in a statement given to the Board on January 12, this year, L/Cpl. Amedeka said he was surprised to hear that Captain Tsikata has denied an earlier statement he made that he did not know Amedeka and that, “I am seeing him as Amedeka for the first time.”

The Captain (Kojo T) explained that he (Amedeka) could recognize him since he has been seeing a lot of people in the Chairman's house without necessarily making any personal contacts with them. This was confirmed in Amedeka's own statement when he said on occasions when he joined them, the Captain hardly made any contributions to the discussions. The Captain also denied having ever received any information from Amedeka about some CD registration cars.