26.05.2004 General News

Asomdwee Man Takes NPP Gov't to London Cleaners

By Nana Sifa Twum
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The flagbearer of the NDC Professor Evan John Atta Mills has observed that the NPP government lacks original ideas. According to him, most of the policies and programmes they are implementing today are part of the NDC legacy.

He said this is evidently clear in the sectors of the economy, agriculture, cocoa, forestry, roads, urban planning and development, energy, education and health.

Professor Mills was addressing a well-attended dinner dance organised by the UK and Ireland branch of the NDC at the weekend in London.

The occasion was aimed at raising funds for the party's electioneering campaign this year. Members including high-ranking figures of the party from parts of Europe were in attendance.

Others like the National Vice Chairman - Mr. Lee Ocran, National Youth Organiser - Harruna Idrissu, Deputy National Youth Organiser- Ludwig Hlodze, and the Deputy Campaign Manager for Professor Mils also travelled from Accra to participate in the programme.

Professor Mills was thankful to God that today, Ghanaians can now see the stark difference between the NDC government and the NPP government.

"I often say the defeat of the NDC was a divine act of God. I mean it, because by that act, Ghanaians have come to know the true colours of the NPP," he stated.

The NDC flagbearer noted that the NPP government was not forthright in its dealings with Ghanaians and committed too much blunders but claimed to have had the men to run the country while it was in opposition.

He said when the party takes power again next year; the party will provide to the people of Ghana what he described as social democracy. The NDC's social democracy according to its flagbearer is a sound foundation in community responsibility.

He added that such a foundation would see to strengthen and expand the various units of governance and institutions that deliver social justice, fair play, and guarantee that each citizen obtains the benefit of his or her labour.

This he said will cover every member of the society including the farmer, street cleaner, the doctor, the miner or the engineer.

"This notion of social equity must extend into the various organs of state, especially those charged with doing justice to every person and guarantee him or her security of life, limb and property whether it is a one-room house or a mansion on a hill," Professor Mills noted.

He said it on this rock of ideas and social commitment that the NDC will build a better Ghana "for the people who are today suffering under a government without ideas, trapped in inertia, incompetence, mendacity, mediocrity, corruption and selfish self-aggrandisement."

The Chairman of the UK and Ireland branch of the party, Mr. Alex Sebgefia, called on the NPP to stop creating the impression that they are responsible for freedom of expression a. He said freedom of expression is not new and did not come during reign of NPP.

He called for unity among the rank and file of the party to ensure resounding victory during this year's elections.

He expressed the hope in their leader and presidential candidate, Professor John Evans Atta-Mills, saying "he is the man for the moment. His grasp of economic issues and international diplomacy is second to none."

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