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07.07.2014 Feature Article

Power Of Sacrifice (6)

Power Of Sacrifice (6)
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'They will conquer their enemies' - Gen 22:17

Wow! You will defeat your enemies! This is one of the covenant promises that God gave to Abraham at that phenomenal divine encounter at Moriah. He told Abraham that his descendants shall conquer (overcome, uproot, defeat, displace) their enemies. But, why must God add this particular promise to that covenant? Now, Abraham is blessed and is going to be used to fulfill some very critical aspects of God's plan on earth, but that also will not come to pass without attracting a lot of opposition, jealousy, battles, envy; by human and spiritual enemies - all going to be instigated and coordinated by that very archenemy of God and His people - Satan.

But by this sacrifice he obtained for himself and his descendants full and eternal protection. Sacrifices provide divine protection. They attract heavenly warriors to always surround and defend you. They give you immunity from the plans, arrows, attacks and all the weapons of the enemy. They guarantee your victory over your visible and invisible enemies. When you touch God by given Him your only and the best (this is what sacrifices means here), He will begin to turn the table against your enemies. He will give you victory over them. And this can come in various ways. He can decide to confuse them, scatter, displace, disorganize or diffuse their plans. He can even choose to totally annihilate them; it all depends on His plans and wishes. The bottom-line is that you and your people will have victory over your adversaries!

Now, it is imperative that you know the various ways and instruments of conquering your enemies as we treated them in our book - Power of Midnight Prayer. There we learnt the roles of prayer, sacrifice of praise, the name of Jesus, Fire of God, angels, binding and loosing, Spirit of God, midnight prayer, holiness, speaking in tongues, armor of God, smashing the gates, wrestling with God, etc, in battling our enemies and the enemies of the church. These instruments must, I repeat, must be put into practice if we must conquer the enemy.

This covenant of victory that started with Abraham, performed through the ages, and is still working for the children of Israel (and the church) today. God has been faithful to this. As you read this also, as you enter into this covenant with God through your life of sacrifice, you and your people shall begin to conquer your enemies in the mighty name of Jesus! Like we have said, this promise is also for the church (Christians). And that is why Jesus said that the gates of hell shall not prevail against His church. No enemy shall be able to conquer you. It doesn't matter how powerful or invincible they appear and when they will come. God has already guaranteed our victory.

I remember when the enemies (three nations) came against King Jehoshaphat and Judah. The king promptly summoned all the people to the house of God, declared fasting and prayer, and invoked the eternal covenant of God to protect His people. And what was the result? As they began to give Him who rules over all the affairs of men and spirits the sacrifice of praise, He overtook the people and caused their enemies to begin to slaughter themselves. Not even one escaped! There are similar accounts throughout the bible and also in the history of the modern Israel - God fighting for His people. Now, this same covenant promise covers you. You and your descendants will conquer your enemies in Jesus' name! Till next week, God bless!

Rev. Agbo is the author of the book Power of Midnight Prayer and a minister with the Assemblies of God Nigeria. Tel: 08037113283 E-mail: [email protected]

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