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04.04.2004 Diaspora News

Missionary work brings Ghana pastors to the Tri-State Area

By BRIAN DiTULLIO, Review Staff Writer
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EAST LIVERPOOL - Missionary work has brought two pastors from Ghana to the banks of the Ohio River.

Pastor Paddy Brew and Pastor Joseph Ammah-Tagoe have made the journey to the Tri-State Area as representatives of the New Creation Chapel International of Ghana.

Through local representatives Dr. Ted Hill and Pastor Mike Ross, the two Ghanaians are traveling to meetings throughout Ohio, New York, New Jersey and Maryland for the purpose of garnering donations for their work back home.

"We are interested in the planting of churches, youth empowerment through the granting of scholarships, youth evangelism because the kids are the future and mission support through local agencies," said Brew. "We want to take the gospel to the remote areas of Ghana and Africa."

An informational meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Hope Christian Fellowship Church on Calcutta-Smithferry Road.

Brew said the relationship between the two communities began last year when Brew visited America for the first time. Brew then met Ross last August while Ross was visiting Ghana. Ross became interested in the work Brew and Ammah-Tagoe were doing and became focused on helping the two men achieve their goals.

Now Brew and Ammah-Tagoe are in East Liverpool as part of their mission to build and strengthen the relationships between the organizations.

"We hope to get more churches involved and expand the frontiers of Christianity in Ghana and Africa," said Brew.

Brew said they expect to be in America until the end of next week and will be performing a service in the Cleveland area on Sunday.

Brew said that while Ghana is a peaceful country, in contrast to some of the clashes going on in other African countries, Ghana still is developing.

"There is great wealth, but there also is great poverty," said Brew. "We have beautiful structures next to shanties. We have good educational facilities, but they leave much to be desired."

Brew said this aspect of their country also is what brings them to America.

"We are looking for people who want to help Ghana, not exploit it," he said. "Especially in the areas of education, healthcare and agricultural-based industry."

Brew and Ammah-Tagoe already have found some help locally as the East Liverpool City Hospital and the Surgical Center will be donating equipment to the cause, according to Hill.

"It's outdated to us," said Hill. "But to them it will seem like a miracle."

Hill also said that hospitals around Columbus have promised equipment donations to the cause.

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