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18.01.2014 Feature Article

Students' Problems Are Still Propelling

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Indeed, before a nation will be great and be able to manage its own affairs, resources what have you it will all depend how our students were well pass through the educational lather during the fundamentals before that nation like ghana can be stable to declaim gallantry as " Black man is capable of his own affairs and the can do spirit".If the inculcation of positivity is within us.

There is so innumerable problems confronting students in Ghana which needs attention imperatively from the government and any concerned citizen to refrain students from it.

In Greater Accra solitary schools there are so many that are in deplorable. The first one is poor lighting in and around the school premises.It is surprising that major places such as the library and some classrooms have no light for night erudition. To make matter worse, most of the schools are along the street which have no lights along the route to the school have been out of order for so many years and have become very risky for day students in the evening after closing from their usual evening classes to their various homes.Through my observation and not my visualization, a students was knock down by a reckless driver on the road when coming to school early morning at korle gonno r/c boys basic school situated at korle gonno.

However, this sad incidence has immensely deterred many of the day the day students from coming to school early in the morning stop[ coming at all.

Nevertheless,in turning my attention to the increase of the school population there is quite a lot.The population of the school that are found in Ghana has suddenly increase and government textbooks and reading material available are not ample to assist in both teaching and reading to prepare the students adequately.Besides, students dormitories have become crowded due to this same increment of school population in the schools.The overcrowding in our school dormitories can give rise to communicable diseases such as tuberculosis and chicken pox for students to be rushed to hospital for medical care.

I'm appealing to the government and any other concerned citizen with all due respect for assistance tto help eradicate all these concussion problems .I still believe that since the government knows very well that the nations future leaders of which the students is part if it of great concerned o to him. A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE.

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