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30 June 2012 | Diaspora (UK & Ireland)

NPP Activists staged a botched demonstration in London.

NDC UK & Ireland Chapter

A group of NPP activists led by Daniel Nii Kwatei Titus-Glover, a member of the Nana Akuffo Addo's communications team, took to the street in front of the Ghana Consulate offices at Highgate Hill, North London on Friday to present what they claim to be a petition against the Government of Ghana handling of payments of accrued judgement debts.

The staged managed event similar to the one they recently organised in New York was attended by a handful of known core members of the NPP UK Branch and noted serial callers such as Peter Antwi Bosiako, Nana Ansah Obofour, a Naspa UK radio presenter, Justice Appiah, Maame Yaa and Suzzy of Luton ( who lives in Stratford, East London) just to name few.

Mr Titus-Glover, who has been in the UK over the last month co-ordinating the activities of the NPP UK Branch leading to the gathering of this group of anarchists outside the Highgate Hill Offices of the Ghana Consulate confused most of the residents in the locality and visitor's to the Ghana Consulate with their animated antics and mind boggling ranting about the economic situation in Ghana.

An Englishwoman who had gone to the Consulate to renew her visa to pursue her business interests in Ghana asked: "If the economy in Ghana was that bad, why are they demonstrating in the UK when the international community has adjudged Ghana as one of the best performing economies in the West African sub region?"

Another visitor who identified herself as Madam Grace, said that she was well versed in the affairs of Ghana and said amidst laughter: "these are funny bunch of crooks and liars trying to denigrate their country; why are they doing this to their own country? She asked: Is Alfred Woyome not on trial in Ghana over the concerns the group is raising, why demonstrate in the UK? Why can't they give the courts in Ghana chance to prosecute the matter than take to the streets of London like hooligans and hoodlums who have lost all sense of direction and objectivity" " What do they hope to achieve by these reckless and hot headed actions in a far away country also struggling to cope with similar global economic upheavals?" "Let's be realistic, Ghana is not immune from the current global economic turbulences," she said.

However, events unfolding reveal that the NPP under the Kuffour administration paid more judgment debts than any other government in the history of Ghana. The then NPP government indiscriminately terminated legal contracts in favour of their cronies resulting in the pile up of these so called judgements debts. In some cases, such as that of the Construction Pioneers (CP), the NPP under Kuffour failed to make payments on legitimate contracts carried out by the CP even when the NPP government lost its case at an International Arbitration Courts. The NPP government turned a blind eye to a warning by the then Attorney-General, Mr Joe Ghartey that the debt was accruing interest of over 8000 Euros daily.

In the case of Ghana Telecom, the International Court of Arbitration awarded over $100,000,000 to Telecom Malaysia. The NPP paid this amount, which included a huge amount of interests, fees and expenses. They continue to pay these debts to the very date they left office. No one can therefore understand the noise being made by these political anarchists led by Daniel Titus-Glover and his cohorts who do not believe a country can be government by a democratically elected government than to seek the help of foreign agents to destabilise the country.

We are aware that NPP continues to use slush funds “tax payers' money” to fund their diabolic plans to destabilise the NDC government. They continue to swamp the airwaves through serial callers, the print media and the internet through dishonest paid writers. No amount of press conferences funded by slush funds would unfaze President Mills' administration. The NDC government would continue to remain focus on its Better Ghana Agenda in order to improve the living conditions of Ghanaians.

Have the NPP and their surrogates in the Diaspora become a party of economic and political saboteurs? Why have they become so desperately bent on endangering the foundation of the very democratic governance, which our forebears fought so hard to win from foreign exploitation?

NPP's diabolic and extremist plans to destabilise the country show that as a political party they have no interest in helping those very Ghanaians at the lower end of the social ladder, who they now violently seek to impose their will upon.

Whilst the NDC UK & Ireland Chapter are prepared to debate the issues as they stand, we however, note with deep concern the NPP use of foreign platforms and agents to peddle falsehood about our country in order to tarnish the hard won reputation of a democratically elected government.

Alex Seshie-Vanderpuije
Public Relations Officer
NDC UK & Ireland Chapter

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