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NPP Holland Chapters Rally in Rotterdam

NPP Holland Chapters Rally in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, the third largest city of The Netherlands, with a considerable number of Ghanaians ushered in the NPP Rotterdam Chapter at a mini rally this weekend. The well-attended rally, which was supported by The Hague and Utrecht Chapters, discussed ways of supporting the newly formed NPP Rotterdam Chapter, with the aim of supporting the NPP in the December General Elections. The meeting was attended by members and leadership of NPP Chapters in The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam ands some members from Amsterdam Chapter and the Chairman of NPP Holland, Mr. Kobby Annan. The event was also a prelude to a programme scheduled to take place in The Hague in June to support the NPP Campaign in Ghana.

On behalf of the interim leadership of NPP Rotterdam Chapter, Mr. Osei Koranchie, in an opening address affirmed the leadership's commitment to build an effective Chapter in Rotterdam and contribute their widow's mite towards the campaign in December 2012.

Speaking on the theme “NPP IS THE BEST DEAL FOR GHANAIANS ABROAD”, Mr. Kobby Annan emphatically stated that the consistent interaction of Nana Akufo Addo with Ghanaians living abroad is a clear indication that the NPP cares about Ghanaians abroad and is willing to support them to play active role in Ghana's economic development. Mr. Kobby Annan added that for the past 3 years, Ghana has lost its commanding status in Africa under the NDC and it is time to return the country to economic prosperity and civility by voting for NPP. He also cautioned members not to pride themselves by judging others on whether their forefathers have suffered or contributed to the party or not, but allow everyone to make moral and other contributions of their own for the party's sustenance.

The facilitators of the event, Mr. Kwabena Opoku Agyemang (Chairman, NPP The Hague), Mr. Kobby Annan (Chairman, NPP Holland) and Dr. Kwasi Boahene (Chairman, NPP Utrecht) all spoke about the need for unity, co-operation and mobilization of resources to contribute effectively towards the NPP's goal of recapturing power in December. Mr. Kwabena Opoku Agyemang said “the future generation will never forgive us if Ghanaians today fail to elect Nana Akufo-Addo to lead Ghana in 2013”. He therefore charged members to be selfless, dedicated and well focused on the task of bringing NPP to power. Mr. Kwabena Opoku Agyemang warned that “to bring NPP power it is important to focus on things which unite us not waste time on things which divide”.

Talking on the role of Ghanaians abroad in the General Elections, Dr Kwasi Boahene informed participants that the December Elections are about “community-based campaign”. The Elections will be won or lost at the constituency level and it is important that all NPP members abroad get involved in the campaign in the respective constituencies. Using his involvement in activities in Abetifi Constituency as an example, Dr. Boahene discussed ways to stimulate Ghanaians in the Netherlands to travel home and register for the General Elections as well as support the Campaign in their constituencies.

Mr. Yaw Okoampa Ahinkora, the Vice Secretary of NPP Holland noted that it is important for the NPP Rotterdam Chapter to focus their efforts on things that unite them and can bring the NPP to power. He advised the leadership to embrace the youth and new entrants and to govern the Chapter according to the Party's constitution and in the spirit of transparency and fairness.

The NPP Rotterdam Chapter commended Mr. Okoampa Ahinkora for his support in initiating the plan of mobilising NPP members in Rotterdam, which has led to the formation of the Rotterdam Chapter. The NPP Rotterdam Chapter is expected to be officially inaugurated before the General Elections. As a moral booster, the National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Mr. Jake Obetsebi Lamptey spoke via telephone with the leadership of NPP Rotterdam and encouraged them in their endeavour.