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21.02.2012 Feature Article

GARGANTUAN!! Thank You Hon. Martin Amidu

GARGANTUAN!! Thank You Hon. Martin Amidu
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The English word 'onomatopoeia' describes a word whose sounding or pronunciation, is identical to the meaning of the word. For example: 'boom!' is pronounced just as the actual sound of a bomb is. That stated, the word 'gargantuan', which has existed relatively obscurely all this time, has assumed a new life of its own in an onomatopoeic manner since the former A-G of Ghana, the Hon Martin Amidu used it to describe the NDC government and its operatives' grotesque - no, gargantuan - thievery against the nation and people of Ghana.

Simply put, just as much of a mouth full as pronouncing the word 'gargantuan' is, so is the enormous size of the level of connivance by Pres Mills and his NDC party, to commit broad day light robbery on the people and nation of Ghana. The size and sound of the word, is equal to the size and fact of the crime! Martin Amidu, a most privileged insider of the Mills administration, gifted the nation of Ghana with the most appropriately chosen word in the English dictionary – gargantuan - to describe what he knew at first hand, the indictable crimes of the Mills' administration. As the then Attorney-General, Hon Martin Amidu had the locus standi, possessed the evidence-in-chief, and had the moral fibre to go public with what he saw was the systematic rape of our nation's scant resources by the NDC's sympathizers and financiers, particularly the infamous Alfred Agbesi WOYOME.

Whatever the altruistic motivation of Hon Martin Amidu in coming out at the time he did, with what he told the nation, the 'bigger picture' view ought to be taken by all in this matter, and that is, Martin Amidu has done the nation of Ghana a big – no, gargantuan - favour in exposing the true nature of the supposedly humble man of God; the supposed 'father of all'; the supposed 'asomdwe hene', Pres Atta Mills! At this point I will take the liberty, to liberally use the word 'gargantuan' to describe the Pandora's Box of fallouts since Martin Amidu's 12/01/12 Press release where the word was nationally outdoored:

(a) A gargantuan table was figuratively finally turned on Alfred Agbesi Woyome, when the then A-G, Martin Amidu filed a suit to set aside the judgment debt the previous A-G, auntie Betty Mould 'graciously' negotiated in order to supposedly “save the nation of Ghana, millions” in a 'no-case' court case against Woyome – at least, according the learned Dep A-G, Ebo Barton Oduro.

(b) The appointment of Betty Mould to the office of A-G was hereby exposed as a gargantuan mistake by President Mills in so far as she was exposed as lacking the legal agility to unravel a bogus claim against the nation by Woyome. At least let me – ever the fair minded cop – give Betty the benefit of the doubt here. So I ask her to choose: either, as already stated, she was a legal pigmy, or, equally gargantuanly bad, she was a conniving party to the gargantuan crime of larceny, in cohort with Woyome et al, against the nation of Ghana. Otherwise, how is it that her successor to the A-G office, Martin Amidu, saw a defensible case against Woyome's claims, whilst Betty and her Dep. Ebo Barton Oduro saw no case and therefore criminally negligently entered no

appearance in court in defence of the interests of the State? A gargantuan dereliction of duty and of Ministerial responsibility!

(c) President Mills was hereby revealed as a gargantuan liar (pardon my temerity, as no other adjective best describes his conduct in this saga). How? Well, Pres Mills' first comment on the Woyome saga started with a brazen declaration on 24th Dec 2011 – the professor of Law that he is – that “if the courts have declared that Woyome is owed the money, then Woyome deserves to be paid the money!” This was followed by a bare-faced declaration that he was previously unaware of the payments to Woyome, even though this judgment debt represented the largest ever payment from the State to an individual in Ghana, and yet the Republic's president was not informed?! Well again, this was quickly followed by a sanctimonious declaration on 9th Jan 2012, that he was incapable of being complicit in this sort of economic crime (substitute 'gargantuan economic crime') when people are suffering in the country, Pres Mills said! Well then, EOCO's report, which categorically and forensically placed Pres Mills at the scene of the crime proves otherwise, and seals the verdict that an impeachable gargantuan lie by Pres Mills, was fed to the long suffering but trusting Ghanaian public! By the way, Pres Mills charged EOCO to investigate the Woyome saga, and this was its initial post-investigative report back to the Pres!

Also, according to a document intercepted, and published by The New Free Press on 15th February 2012, Pres Mills, at a secret meeting at Peduase Lodge, declared to his close confidants as follows: “I don't care what it takes, Woyome must not refund this money. We need this money to win the elections”. Pres. Mills, Two-faced or what?!

(d) President Mills was hereby exposed as gargantuanly ineffective and has no control of his own administration! How? Well, how else would you describe the EOCO report which found that not only was Mills fully aware of the Woyome payments contrary to his public protestations, he – Pres Mills - actually issued presidential directives, not once, but on two occasions, prohibiting the payments to Woyome, except that, inexplicably, the president's directives were ignored! Unheard of under any administration were the leader is 'on the ball'! Who then is the nation's unconstitutional ruler(s) since the elected one is gone AWOL?

(c) The Pres hereafter committed a basic, yet gargantuan folly, an almost infantile folly! He dismissed Martin Amidu! He killed the messenger! Killing the messenger does not kill the message! Like the fable goes: 'the genie, once out of the bottle, cannot be controlled'! An equally pathetic explanation for Amidu's dismissal was subsequently chortled out. Incredibly, Martin was not dismissed for plausibly, breaches of Ministerial conduct in making the sort of press release about colleague ministers as he did. Instead, we are expected to believe that he was dismissed for the unproveable, behind doors act of insubordination against HE the President! Well, the mug game continues unabated! Just as they considered Ghanaians as trusting mugs, so did they think any excuse will do! No need or effort at being creative! No doubt the more capable Dr Kuubuor was hastily sent to take charge at the A-G's Dept in order to stifle the all-out, searing investigations Martin Amidu had embarked!

(d) The puppet's masters put up a gargantuan umbrella of diversionary tactics to ensure the survival of the NDC, as indeed this scandal is potentially a make or break issue for any political party/administration. In furtherance of this goal, scapegoats had to be found to attempt to cover up the level of government's involvement in this economic crime. Step in, Chief State Attorney, Nerquaye –Tetteh and his wife, Gifty. Step in Director of Legal Affairs at the Minnistry of Finance & Economic Planing, Paul Asimenu, and ironically, step in Woyome himself! These were summarily taken into custody pending investigations! Except that this gargantuan umbrella has gaping holes all around it! A cursory examination of the facts would lead any amateur snoop/detective to ask why the gargantuan omission to interdict the real power players in this saga, notably Betty Mould, her former deputy, Ebo Barton Oduro, and the Finance Minister, Dr Kwabena Duffuor, - in the first batch. Betty was sacrificed, but unfortunately that did not even begin to settle the matter. The gargantuan question is, 'why are Ebo Barton Oduro and Dr Duffuor still at post? In the second batch would be the Chief of Staff, Henry Martey Newman, and his deputy, Alex Segbefia, who both defended the payments to Woyome.

(e) Gargantuan efforts are being made by the NDC propaganda machinery ('Rented Press', according to Martin Amidu) to squash, stifle, throw in red herrings, divert attention and otherwise pretend there is no elephant in the room! The EOCO report was meant to be the start of a rehabilitation effort for 'Our Dear leader, Mills'. He was meant to be cast as pious, non-complicit to the gargantuan economic crime, and desirous of seeing the perpetuators brought to justice! Except that the EOCO report, as aforementioned, was a double edged sword which cut both ways! Mills was exposed as knowing of the crime and yet lied to the nation he was none-the wiser about it. He was further exposed as being a remotely controlled president – by his own admission – when he declared he was unaware of huge payments to Woyome, and also, where two directives from him prohibiting these payments were disregarded with impunity. Suffice it to say that Ghanaians are alert for any clandestine moves by the NDC on this matter.

(f) A desperate and gargantuan error of judgment has since been reflected in the NDC strategy to obfuscate or divert attention from their party and President's crimes, by attempting to re-focus attention on the NPP Flagbearer, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo. Contrived clichéd, time and weather-worn and rehashed slanderous drivel about Nana's alleged wee smoking and womanizing, is their vain and desperate strategy! A patently sorry example came in the recent you-tube clip showing Nana supposedly fondling a GBC Make-Up Artist (Janet Owusu Dankwa). If Nana stood aloof, as disingenuously marketed in 2008, he was declared as snobbish!, Through the hugely successful Listening Tours, Nana has demonstrated the required 'people's man' persona by being tactile, not only with this woman in the clip, but with market women, farmers, lorry drivers, children, sharing a meal from the same bowl with rural folks, etc etc. Yet the NDC would choose to selectively show one clip and expect political capital out of it!

In conclusion, fellow Ghanaians, thanks to Martin Amidu, our choice for president and government in December 2012 is made easier, for the above reasons. Therefore………

WoyoMills, the President, his party and government, who have connived in this gargantuan crime against the good people of Ghana, need to be thought a gargantuan lesson! They need a gargantuan fall from grace! They need to be given a gargantuan defeat at the December 2012 General Elections! So Ghanaian electorate, it is over to you to deliver the gargantuan coup-de-gras at the polls. VOTE WOYOMILLS OUT!!


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