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16 February 2012 | Golf

AGC Captain Encourages Massive Golf participation

TheGolfer Newspaper
AGC Captain Encourages Massive Golf participation

Captain of the Achimota Golf Club, Rene Kwame, has made a passionate call to individuals to join the golf fraternity in the country. He made this known days after the TAYSEC February Medal was staged at the premier Golf Club. “I want to make an appeal to young men, women, professionals, students, youth groups and other individuals to take to golf, and enjoy the immense opportunities that the game offers”. He emphasized.

His obvious bias for AGC giving way, he continued that, “I encourage people to join Achimota Golf Club to help grow the golfing community.”

Supervising the TAYSEC event as well as playing in the Men 'A' Division, his desire to have his handicap further reduced at the event was elusive after he trailed second place. “Going into the game, the objective was to play a good round and better my handicap; all I got was a par performance so my handicap still remains the same.” He intimated

A cursor peruse on his play statistics for the day revealed that playing the front 9 (46 strokes) was not the best of play, however, he did what mattered most as the situation got him more aggressive and into positive frame of mind when he played the back nine.

“The back 9 was quite good”, he continued, “I sunk three birdies and did 40 strokes.” Another feel good moment for him was the number of golfers that turned up for the game, “for once we were 70” - A concession of fact!

R.K Mensah by close of the TAYSEC event made it to the leaderboard after he returned a net score of 70 playing off handicap 72. Attesting to the conviction that a good shot requires good balance and tempo, the winner explained, “I was shook up pretty good hole after hole and I recorded a good number of shots.” Occupying third position in the division was J. Gedze who returned a net score of 72 playing off handicap 5.

In the Men Division 'B', Mr. K. Rosha surfaced first with a net score of 66 playing off handicap 18. Second placed P. Ennin played 70 off 16, Samuel Opoku, 70 off 18; separated on countback.

Adelaide Owusu-Adjapong emerged victor in the Ladies 'A' Division with a net score of 72 off handicap 19. Jessica Tei noted for her brilliant and unique ability to shape balls in the air was second with a net score of 75 off 13.

A cool and jolly atmosphere mostly plays to the advantage of many golfers, and Brigitte Harrington is no exception. She came first in the Ladies 'B' Division with a net score of 74 playing off handicap 24. “I play well when the weather is conducive; the weather on the day was cool all the way.” She indicated. Notably, the Celebrity Lady Captain plays with a respectable handicap, but asserts that she has to practice more to improve on her approach shots.

P. Akwei was beaten to second place with a net score of 78 playing off handicap 22.

Mr Geoff Fisher, Chairman and Managing Director of the Taysec gave the assurance that the company would continue to assist the Club as it seeks to undertake further physical changes on the course and ensure that the competition was played annually.

Story by Collins Oppong

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