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21.11.2011 League Report

Tema Youth to lodge AshGold heckling charge

By myjoyonline
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Winfred Osei, usually philosophical in defeat, has lashed out at the treatment meted to Tema Youth in their 2-1 loss to AshGold on Sunday. The game was played at Obuasi.

The Chief Executive, popularly called Parma, told that on his return to the capital, an official complaint will be lodged to the Premier League Board.

“Why do clubs always have to complain about AshGold? The FA need to take a serious look at the way they treat away teams.”

AshGold officials declined to answer inquiries from The facts of the case, according to Parma were that his side experienced mechanical failure to their bus en route to Obuasi.

“When that happened we had to go by commercial transport. The first batch went and we followed with a second.”

According to him, when his squad reached the Len Clay Stadium the home fans heckled them relentlessly, asking for the team's ID cards.

He said he found it bizarre that his side also were not given access to their own dressing room for a time.

“During the game they won fair and square, but before the game started AshGold fans threatened us severally. They said if we do not lose the match there will be trouble and they did all they could to frustrate our boys.”

Parma revealed that although an official complaint was yet to be made, he had informally told the chairman of the Premier League Board of happenings in Obuasi, which has gained infamy for such practices in the past.

In the end, two goals from Didier Kone from the Ivory Coast settled the contest, with Nick Odjer getting Tema Youth's consolation.

AshGold are still yet to respond to the accusations.

Story by Gary Al-Smith/

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