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5 July 2011 | Business & Finance

Rana Introduces All-new KIA Picanto

RANA Motors, sole distributors of Kia vehicles in Ghana for the past 30 years, has completed preparations to launch the All-New Kia Picanto onto the local market to assist businesses and individuals to cut it costs of operations.

The all-new Picanto, which will be launched at the Accra Mall tomorrow, has new and enhanced features, as well as a 1.0 litre Kappa engine, a departure from the 1.1 litre engine of the old edition with the aim of ensuring fuel economy.

'This engine can use five litres for 100 kilometres and comes with a horse power of 69PS 6,200 RPM (rounds per minute) or 88 km to a gallon; this new engine size is to enhance fuel economy but does not also compromise on safety,' the Head of Marketing at Rana Motors, Mr Kojo Demanya, told the Daily Graphic ahead of the launch of the vehicle.

The new Picanto comes with an array of high-tech features that is not usually found in most entry-level vehicles. One unique feature of the all-new Picanto is its environmental friendliness and eco-sensitive qualities that meet world emission standards.

The head of marketing said the new Picanto now had increased body frame to ensure rigidity and stability, as well as energy-absorbing structures that provided protection in case of collision.

In the same vein, the bumper lower stiffener of the All-New Picanto helps to reduce the impact on pedestrians in case of an accident, while the Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) makes breaking and cornering very easy and stable.

The breathtaking interior space raises the bar with its stylish design, attention to detail and bold finishing touches that rest the driver and passengers in ergonomically designed seats.

Mr Demanya said the console and connectivity in the vehicle had been improved with USB ports and AUX (auxiliary) connectivity choices, adding that the new technology, Motor Driven Power Steering (MDPS), was a departure from the conventional hydraulic-power steering system which extracted power from the engine, thereby reducing the fuel mileage of the engine.

The motor-driven power steering system of the All-New KIA Picanto consumes power only when needed, thus helping to achieve a higher level of fuel efficiency.

He explained that the high economy, safety and comfort in using the All-New Picanto made it suitable to all persons, companies and institutions, particularly those on the run.

The All-New Picanto comes in 10 different flashy colours, with manual or automatic transmission choices and runs on a 165cm tire in shapes of rim 14.

Rana Motors, which currently has the vehicle on display at its showroom, is also offering a five-year manufacturer's warranty as pertains on all other new KIA vehicles sold and serviced by the dealer in Ghana.

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