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26.10.2002 General News

Nabros Finally Replaces Dud Drugs

By Public Agenda
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Nabros Pharma, the Indian pharmaceutical company, which was ordered by the former Minister of Health Richard Kwadwo Anane in August 2001 to replace a quantity of dud drugs it supplied to this country, has finally replaced all the drugs, more than one year after the ultimatum.

According to a top official of the Food and Drugs Board, Nabros has extended an invitation for officials of the Food and Drugs Board to inspect its pharmaceutical factory in Ahmedabad, India to satisfy themselves of the factory's production method as condition for resumption of drugs supplies by the company to Ghana.

Following the dud drugs issue officials of the Ministry of Health blacklisted Nabros whose Business Development Officer resigned last year accusing the company of underhand dealings in its drug supply process.

"The company is dumping near expiry goods to buyers in Ghana that resulted in enormous loses some buyers," Sreedrah Rao, himself an Indian wrote in a letter announcing his resignation to the company. "When the products are rejected by the authorities, they are pressurizing me to solve the issue unethical means," the former African Development Officer wrote.

The exposure led to the inundation of this office by people who through personal contacts and telephone calls made allegations that a number of Ghanaian officials in the drug supply and management system were involved in a number unscrupulous practices.

At the Food and Drugs Board, both the Executive Director Agyarko and his deputy Ben Botwe were satisfied with the outcome of the long dispute with Nabros. "One of the outcome of the positive outcome of the Nabros affair is that the company has undertaken to come clean in its dealings with Ghana," Agyarko said.

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