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03.09.2002 General News

Jerry and Obed must talk peace now

By Ghanaian Palaver
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Well-meaning leading members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have made a passionate Palaver' to former President J. J Rawlings to initiate a dialogue between the Chairman of the party, Dr Obed Asamoah and himself to iron out their differences, in the general interest of the party.

Through personal contacts and frequent phone-calls to the paper, the concerned leading members said although there have not been any hostile verbal exchanges between the two, the reality on the grounds is that the once-close political brothers have turned political foes, regardless of the fact that they still hold major poles of the party.

The entrenched opposing positions taken by the two according to the "worried" members do not in any way auger well for the party, especially at this time, when the main "plan" of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) remains to be that of destroying the NDC. "Whether one likes it or not, it is the ground which suffers, when two giants (not lame elephants) fight" put in a caller.

It will be recalled that Jerry and Obed had been on the best of terms, until the choice of a running mate for Professor Atta Mills, as NDC flagbearer suddenly sparked off "hostilities" within the party.

Although Dr Asamoah might have felt disappointed, after being by-passed in the choice, a cease-fire was called and an uneasy calm remained until the election were over. However, "hostilities" erupted again recently when the former President openly opposed the candidature of Dr Obed Asamoah, for the position of chairmanship.

Obed eventually won his bid, but the fact Jerry was not in his "corner" might have deepened his anger and given him cause to distance himself further away from the "old Man". With the next special national congress around, where a flagbearer will be elected, it is felt that the "hostilities" arising out of the Rawlings-Obed conflict, may resume again.

Although, technically, the Chairman of the party, has been knocked out of the race for the slot of a presidential candidate, indications are that Obed may not throw his full weight behind Prof. Atta Mills, if he emerges victorious, in the contest.

The party will then have to go to battle, with a presidential candidate, who will have to fight both internal and external foes. It is this looming crisis, which many leading members are seeking to avoid, hence the call on the former President, considered as a Father, who naturally must have a big heart, to take the initiative to save the party from dissipating its energy and resources on internal squabbles or even on trivial cases, which can be resolved without shedding sweat. The problem between Jerry and Obed can resolved, if each to them will be more mindful, than they are now, of the consequences of their actions r inactions, at this crucial moment of the party's history.

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