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02.12.2009 Regional News

Water situation in Accra is worsening

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Accra, Dec 2, GNA - The National Coalition against Privatization of Water expressed concern on Wednesday about the irregular water supply situation Accra and its environs and called for the take over of supply by the state.

"AVRL has clearly demonstrated its helplessness in managing the situation and this is the time for it to pack out", a statement by the Coalition in Accra said.

It alleged that one of the four low-lift pumps at the Kpong Water Works was faulty and said the fault should be remedied for water supply to households to be restored.

The message said the Ghana Water Company Limited was equally to be blamed for the situation for lack of effective supervision which had given AVRL the leeway to get away with poor services.

"We are equally worried about government and the Public Utility Regulatory Commission's (PRUC) attitude towards AVRL. From our perspective as consumers, these two institutions are treating AVRL with kid-gloves."

"It is high time they apply the appropriate sanctions. We cannot continue to be paying for air and worm-infested water as it was reported in Labone and other areas."

"We call on government to recognize water as a human right issue and to take up its responsibility as the fair and impartial provider of such a resource irrespective of one's social or economic status," the statement said.


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