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04.06.2009 Feature Article

Kweku Objective: Should Muntaka Mubarak Resign now?

The president seeks responses to the numerous charges of corruption against the ministerThe president seeks responses to the numerous charges of corruption against the minister
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It was very heart breaking to hear of the scandalous and extravagant life style of 'DIS' HONOURABLE Muntaka Mubarak the Sport minister of the Republic of Ghana barely four months or so in office. What is wrong with 'some' of our politicians? I was very elated to hear of the appointment of Muntaka Mubarak since it was a good idea to bring youths into politics and also to see someone young enough as Muntaka heading the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS). I personally felt he could connect much better with youths and sports in general.

A couple of months ago it was this same Sport minister that almost rocked the Black Stars boat and marred the morale in camp when he had a bust up with Sulley Muntari over players' bonuses. At first I saw some sense in his argument that some the players must learn to sacrifice for the nation. But look at what he has been up to. This makes you get so angry at some of our politicians preaching 'sacrifice' whilst they live a posh life of luxury at the expense of the poor Ghanaian tax payer? There is no iota of sacrifice in the way they conduct their duties. This can also affect players' commitment to the national teams and disrupt preparations for the Mali game.

How Muntaka Mubarak can claim expenses for nappies and baby foods to mention a few and try to bully his way through to make unjustified claims where as some of the youths in the country have no jobs or education at all makes us all go wild. At present, the state of our national game is going through massive challenges with poor infrastructure in most regions but that is not enough to deter Muntaka from making certain silly claims. Where is the sacrifice he preached about to the Black stars?

For me, this is the crux of the matter; Muntaka Mubarak must do the honourable thing and resign NOW! I will also appealed to President J.E.A. Mills to use this as a warning shot to all serving and ex-ministers of state that Ghana has finally said good bye to corrupt regimes and anyone found to have misappropriated state funds will be dealt with accordingly as prescribed by law.

Thank You.

(This writer is always asking intuitive questions that will aid national development. My objective is to see a 'corruption free' Ghana where people are given equal opportunities to excel irrespective of their tribe, colour, creed, religion, gender or age. Join Kweku Objective on this crusade) God Bless you!

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