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09.03.2009 Editorial

Onyankopon, heal these infested sores for us!

By Daily Guide

One of the icons of Country Music, Don Williams, said in one of his songs: “Some broken hearts never mend, some memories never end, some tears would never dry, my love for you never die.”

A lady whom I jilted about a decade ago has still not been able to mend her broken heart because the romantic moments we shared together are still vivid in her memory. She called me few moons back claiming that though a lot of water had passed under the bridge since we last met, her tears would never dry because her love for me would never die.

It is pathetic because 'Dr. Love', as she calls me, has moved on with his life, forgetting she was ever part of it. My only prayer is that she would be able to mend her broken heart and move on with her life too.

Just as some broken hearts never mend, so some wounds never heal, more so when the wound has become infested. There is this old lady in Kubease called Eno Frema, whose wound has outlived those of us born before independence.

Despite numerous visits to the best hospitals and herbalists in Asomdwekrom and beyond, the wound has not healed. However, Eno Frema has not given up, as she relentlessly searches for a cure despite the fact that the infested wound has been in existence for over five decades.

Desperate as she is, she tries any prescription, medically reasonable or otherwise, hoping she would have a cure. Apart from the pains, discomfort and embarrassment it has caused her, she has had to endure insults and disdain from children and elders alike.

My grandma tells me it is believed in the superstitious Kubease that witches in there and surrounding villages are responsible for Eno Frema's woes. It is alleged that the witches use her leg as wood when chopping meat into pieces, hence the sore's inability to heal. True or otherwise, only Onyankopon can tell.

Like wounds, chieftaincy disputes exist in other parts of the country, with their attendant consequences. After a brief period, solutions are found thereby healing the wounds, which bring comfort and hope to victims. However, citizens become very alarmed when a chieftaincy dispute drags on for decades with no end in sight.

One would therefore not be far from right if they liken Eno Frema's chronic wound to the Dagbon chieftaincy dispute, which has been lingering since the 1950s. The dispute, which is between two brothers, Abudus and Andanis, has become an embarrassing albatross on the neck of all Asomdwekromanians.

Politics has also added another twist to the conflict, with Abudus linked to the Busia-Danquah tradition and the Andanis linked to the Nkrumaist and, lately, Boomist traditions.

The consequences of this protracted conflict on the people of Dagbon are poverty, insecurity, mistrust, embarrassment and painful death; with the murder of Ya Na Yakubu Andani, the Overlord of Dagbon, and thirty others being the most highlighted.

With those who committed the heinous crime still at large, one cannot help but applaud the action of the 'omanpanin' to re-open the case. It is very statesmanlike of him to express the wish and willingness to bring the perpetrators of the sordid act to book. I'm one of those who believe he would accomplish the task with brazen ease because Dr. Gyato Boom, his mentor, has all the answers to the conundrum.

The Zu-za founder claimed he had in his possession a tape of happenings at the Gbewaa Palace during the unfortunate incident, and even mentioned General Joshua Hamidu, former National Security Advisor to Don Barima Jak; and Major Sulemana, one-time 2i/c (second in command) at the Recce Regiment as those who masterminded the dastardly act.

However, when implored to make the tape and other evidence available to the appropriate authorities, he declined, citing insincerity on the part of the then government led by Don Barima Jak as his reason. Lucky Agya Atta, all those materials in Dr. Boom's possession would come in handy during investigations.

While we await the composition and subsequent findings of the commission, it must be drummed into the ears of the actors engaged in the unending feud to see reason and behave like humans. Truth be said, their actions so far could best be described as animalistic (mmoaism). I'm not being charitable because we need to call a spade a spade and not a big spoon.

It is an undeniable fact that this great nation has lost uncountable cowries and human resources through this senseless dispute. The questions on the lips of many are: What happened to the pride, respect, dignity and love they had for each other? Where has it all gone, and how are they going to get it back? Do they get it back by clinging to their entrenched positions and killing their kith and kin like fowls?

Same questions apply to 'menuanom' engaged in senseless chieftaincy and ethnic disputes in other parts of the country. That the conflicts in Bawku and Eweland are also gradually degenerating into chronic sores is a fact no one can deny.

Just last week, disturbances in Bawku led to the loss of eight lives and properties worth millions of cowries. More disturbing is the fact that these bloodthirsty hoodlums now manufacture petrol bombs, which they use to burn houses and fight the security forces.

It is a sad commentary on a nation, which claims to be an oasis of peace among warring nations, and a very big blot on its impressive record too. That is why this madness must stop now. Indeed, healing this chronic sore is not going to be easy, but that does not mean we should throw our hands up in despair.

However, the seeming lack of genuine commitment for peace on the part of the actors themselves; the continuous interference of the opportunistic politician and the inaction of the prejudiced Security Service, make all attempts at healing the wounds futile.

By the way, what has become of the Bawku Secondary School bursar caught with guns last year? Is it true that he was working for a powerful traditional ruler in the Upper East Region? Is it also true that he has been released?

While you think of an answer, please join me in calling upon Onyankopon Himself to heal these infested sores for us, because my sixth sense tells me they can only be cured through divine, and not human, intervention. See you next week for more nkomo!

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