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06.02.2009 Health

Cancer Society of Ghana unveils Cancer Code for Africa

Cancer Society of Ghana unveils Cancer Code for Africa

The Cancer Society of Ghana said on Thursday it was important to intensify mass education on cancer control through awareness creation, so that people would avail themselves for screening.

It said, though the cancer problem had received every attention, the disease claimed over seven million lives a year, a figure more than the combined deaths from HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria.

In a statement in Accra signed by its President, Rev. Victor Sackey, the Cancer Society said the low level of attention had been due to lack of awareness and mass education.

“However, the Cancer Society of Ghana has over the past four years been waging a campaign against the disease in Ghana”, the statement, which formed part of activities marking the World Cancer day which fell on February 4 said.

As a way of controlling the menace, the Society said it had unveiled a Cancer Code for Africa, dubbed: “10 Steps to Avoid Cancer- You can make a Difference” to help raise cancer awareness in Ghana.

They included a call for people to quit smoking and avoid inhaling tobacco smoke from other smokers, maintaining a healthy diet by eating plenty fresh fruit and vegetables. Reducing your fat intake and eating less red meat and animal fat.

Others were a requirement for daily physical exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding excessive intake of alcohol, practicing safe sex, and vaccination against Hepatitis B, having regular medical check-ups after 50 years and avoiding exposure to radiation.

Ghana suffered a toll of cancer deaths last year alone, including those of two prominent politicians, a prominent businessman, one from the judiciary in addition to a rise in the cases, especially the breast, cervical and prostate according to health sources.