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Professor Mills Body Guard in Alleged Assault Case.

Professor Mills Body Guard in Alleged Assault Case.
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It has come to the notice of the office of Professor John Evans Atta Mills, Presidential Candidate of the NDC, and Publications in section of the media that a member of his security detail allegedly assaulted a certain Kojo Yeboah, at Cow Lane, in Accra on Tuesday, July 3, 2007. We are aware that the matter is being handled by the appropriate law enforcement agency, in this case, the Accra Central Police.

The Office of Professor Mills is also independently investigating the matter and can assure Ghanaians that should the said body-guard be found to have acted unprofessionally, the appropriate disciplinary action would be exacted.

Koku Anyidoho.
(In charge, Communications).
Now, almost one and half years after, Prof. Mills's office is yet to come out with the report of the investigation panel.

What was the offence of the victim? He had only questioned the integrity of NDC guru, Nii Lante Vanderpuje for 'stealing' $ 2,000,000 dollars from the party's kitty. It would be recalled that in the build up to the NDC primary to select a candidate to represent the party at the Odododiodoo Constituency, one aspirant, Walid by name, who felt cheated decided to go solo. The party, in order not to present a divided house agreed to re-imburse him for what he had spent on his campaign. Nii Lante Vanderpuje was mandated to present the amount to him. The man was on admission at the hospital and the money was therefore sent to his wife. But Nii Lante Vanderpuje decided to be a little bit mischievous. He 'cut off' part of the largesse for his own upkeep.

It was this effrontery on the part of this NDC man to ask during a phone-in programme, what had happened to the 2,000,000, dollars that earned him vicious slaps kicks, head butting, and threats of physical elimination from this stern-looking uncouth body guard of Atta Mills.

They promised us prompt investigation and today, nearly one and half years after this victim was rushed to the intensive care unit of the hospital, the man is yet to be accorded the justice he so much deserves.

Can we trust our destiny into the hands of these vicious bullies? A definite No!

But we shouldn't be surprised at all. The NDC has been consistently inconsistent. The tell us to eat roasted plantain and Kobi whilst they treat themselves to tea, bread and butter.

The tell us to take our children to 'cyto' and JSS/SSS schools in Ghana. Meanwhile their children are sent t the best schools abroad.

But are we surprised? Naturally we shouldn't. After all their founder beat up his Deputy who could well pass out for his father. The wife of the founder, but obviously more deadly in term of vindictiveness and wickedness, gave instructions to soldiers at the castle to give identification haircut to Sellassie Djentu, the boyfriend to their daughter, Ezenator Rawlings, for having the effrontery to call off the relationships between a bloody civilian and Ezenator, daughter of His Excellency who must be obeyed at all time. It was also from her dressing table that the key to the vehicle used in the abduction and murder of the three High Court Judges and the retired Army Officer was taken. It was also at Koforidua that the founder set his pack of hounds/wolves on Kwesi Botchway, Obed Asamoah and Frances Essiam. Frances Essiam was beaten black and blue while Obed Asamoah sat glued to his chair, never able to answer to nature's call.

After all, we have not forgotten the fate that befalls Driver Tsakitey whose vehicle was involved in a head on collision with Rawlings' convoy. He was taken to police custody and three days later he was reported dead. Cause of death diarrhea.

Hon. John Ndebugri was also given the identification haircut when he refused to stand up when the founder's wife entered the venue of a function.

Jack Begble, a presidential body guard and Rawlings Personal friend, used the sophisticated guns bought through out sweat to hijack a bullion van and steal its contents. Are you aware of the number of police and military escort that were maimed during the operation? As I speak to you today, three of them are permanently blind; all thanks to Mr Rawlings, Mrs. Rawlings and Atta Mills. Out of eight gold bars stolen, only one could be accounted for during their trial and prosecution.

Where does Mills come in? He comes in because he is the direct beneficiary of all these negative and wicked acts. And up till now, he has kept mute. When is he going to speak out? Remember what happened to Eli in the Bible? He received the blunt of God's anger because he refused to “straighten” up his two sons, Hophi and Phenehas. And that is what will happen to Mills and his NDC. What did Mills and Rawlings leave at the Castle that they now want to go for?

See the way Rawlings is inciting Ewes against other tribes in Volta Region. Do we need Rawlings (Ahab) and his wife (Jezebel) to come back and turn all of us into slaves and mumus?

Obviously No!
Do we need Mills, a man who cannot speak out when something bothers him?

Not At All!
Fellow Ghanaians, judging by the untold hardship that the NDC led by Mills, Rawlings, Mahama John, Asiedu Nketia and others wrecked on hardworking Ghanaians (whose only crime was that they had been able to use their God-given talents to improve their lots, isn't it time to tell them enough is enough?

Do we have to welcome back these dangerous NDC people to the corridors of power? Do we have to give power to these people who never used their God given talents to a land of equal opportunities but to attack those who are better than themselves?

Do we have to put our collective destiny into the hands of those whose stock in trade is to destroy and seize hard earned assets of individuals? Are we comfortable with the spreading of falsehood, utter lies just to destroy and assassinate the character of their political opponents? They claim that Mame Dorkono had been arrested in South Africa for trafficking in cocaine. Meanwhile she was in Ghana. They alleged that Kufuor's personal residence had a lot of costly fittings. The president threw open his houses to media men from both sides of the political devide and their allegation was found not to be true. Yet, they would not apologise. They alleged that the voters register was bloated in some constituencies in Ashanti Region. They did not say that one of such constituencies experienced negative increase. But when the chips were down, it was their members who were aspiring to enter Parliament that were caught in double registration. One has been jailed and another is on trail.

They alleged that NPP had imported ammunition and kept it in private warehouses in the country. When the fire at Anyaa occurred, the notorious NDC General Secretary called a press conference and alleged that they had retrieved some cartridges from the scene of the burnt warehouse at Anyaa. Later events were to prove that the burnt warehouse belongs to an NDC woman

They talked about stealing by NPP top functionaries without providing evidence. But Jack Begbley, Rawlings intimate friend and personal body guard used guns purchase with state money to waylay a bullion van and stole gold bars. In the process two of the police personnel who were escorting the bullion vans lost their sight. And we call that justice.

Mills was V.P. when Sellassie Djentu was strapped to the table and given identification hair cut with broken bottles and old blade by fierce-looking soldiers. Who knows whether the broken bottles were contaminated with the Aids virus?

They poured excreta on some media houses. Recently, Lee Ocran organised his thugs to pour excreta on the office of Nkrumah's daughter, Samia Nkrumah. Yet, the call themselves, believers and followers of Nkrumah. If they love the man, they should love the daughter as well. After all, did they not take away the house which Acheampong built for the late Madam Fathia Nkrumah and her children and gave it to the late Justice D.F. Annan? We know the excreta was poured by the NDC goons because Rawlings and Kwamwna Ahwoi said, “one can use the pen and others can use other methods”. Which other methods are they talking about?

They talked about Nana going for a judicial review on the Fast Track Verdict. But a provision in the Constitution allows it. Now Tsatsu Tsikata has also decided to take advantage of the provision. You see how these desperados can be consistently inconsistent? They talk of miscarriage of Justice. But the court ruled that Isaac Amu of the NPP won the Ayawaso West Wugon Constituency seat in the 1996 election but the man was not allowed to occupy his seat until the end of the term of that parliament.

When they were in power, CHRAJ indicted some serving Ministers in Rawlings Cabinet for acts of malfeasance and corruption. But Rawlings and his Attorney General said there was not sufficient evidence to warrant the prosecution of those ministers. But when the Hotel dewaa issue cropped up, Kufuor submitted himself to a probe by CHRAJ.

We hear that Konadu Agyemang Rawlings is alleging that Akufo Addo's children do not belong to him. Then who is their children? But the question is, can Konadu Agyemang Rawlings and John Jerry Rawlings claim to be biological parents of their children? The answer to me is a big no! Did anybody hear during the time they held sway as rulers of Ghana of Konadu getting pregnant? And was there any time that we heard [as the Nigerians would say] of Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings “being put to bed?” It would have made the news if any such thing had occurred because of the caliber of people involved. But we never heard of any such thing. So the children they claim to have brought forth are not their own. This is the simple truth.

Rawlings tantrums and threats are that of a desperate man clutching at anything just to keep afloat. He held the officer corps responsible for his inability to pass his examinations, and that resulted in his not being promoted. And as it can be attested to by those who knew him before he became Head of State, he never wore his beret at the barracks for one simple reason. That excused him from saluting his superiors anytime he encountered any of them

How can we entrust our collective destiny into the hands of this great bully and his cohorts/? It will be a negation of all that our founding fathers fought for. To forestall this unlikely eventuality, let us all, young and old, boys and girls, male and females, Christians, Moslems and atheists go out enmasse on Sunday and teach these usurpers that they cannot take us for a ride. Vote Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for a better and prosperous Ghana. Nana All The Way.. Forward Ever, Backward Never. We Are Indeed Moving Forward.

Daniel Danquah Damptey

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