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13.12.2007 Business & Finance

Indigenous Business Association Reborn

By Daily Guide

THE EXECUTIVE Secretary of the Council of Indigenous Business Association (CIBA), Ralph Ameyaw has indicated that the association is keen on ensuring that its members receive the needed support to grow their businesses.

In line with that, members such as market women, painters, masons, carpenters, among others, whose jobs expose them to various hazards, would soon be insured against such occupational hazards.

Speaking at the inauguration of the regional branch of the association, Mr. Ameyaw observed that it would be prudent that craftsmen in every association were identified and trained in order to facilitate the National Apprentices Programme.

This, he said, would help absorb street children into the regular informal associations to begin vocational training, and “our database which being established throughout the country would soon be of immense benefit”.

Mr. Ameyaw mentioned that in 2001, CIBA launched the Social Protection Project to provide a more credible public perception of the need to promote the real growth of the informal sector.

He explained that the scheme addresses the coverage of social security, provision of modern inputs so members would be abreast of the changing technological world, life and disability insurance and access to credit, adding that some trade associations continue to contribute to the informal sector security scheme managed by the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT).

He contended that the Social Protection Project is on hire purchase basis and had provided a credit delivery system for a number of associations to obtain the required equipment for their growth.

“Indeed, some trade associations like tailors and dressmakers, barbers and hairdressers shall soon benefit from training facilities established with modern technology equipment with the provision of academic salons and institutions,” he stated.

He stressed “that whilst linking beneficiaries of our hire purchase scheme to micro banking unit of Barclays Bank to develop the culture of banking, the process would at the same time prepare members to access financial support from the banks”.

For this reason, data of all members would be established throughout the country to facilitate credit recovery under the hire purchase system.

The Minister of Manpower, Youth and Employment, Hon Nana Akomea, on his part, invited members to make known the problems they were encountering in their businesses as a result of some ministerial policies, so that measure would be taken to address them.

After a blissful interaction, the Minister promised the members that he would discuss the issues with other ministers whose ministerial policies were also affecting their businesses.

By Mary Anane