Election 2024: No Opposition MP can Lobby for Projects from me, Asenso Boakye Arrogantly Warns

Feature Article Election 2024: No Opposition MP can Lobby for Projects from me, Asenso Boakye Arrogantly Warns

In a democratic society, the principle of representation lies at the heart of governance. However, recent remarks by the Minister for roads and highways, suggesting that opposition members of Parliament cannot lobby for road projects from him, represent a dangerous departure from this fundamental principle.

Such statements undermine the essence of democracy, where every elected official, regardless of party affiliation, should have the right to advocate for the needs of their constituents. Are the constituents of the opposition MPs not Ghanaians and tax-payers? It is sad how we have allowed the winner-takes-all system to be the bane of our development.

The notion that only ruling party members can benefit from government decisions not only erodes democratic principles but also perpetuates a winner-takes-all mentality that excludes the majority of the people.

The emergence of presidential and parliamentary independent candidates like Alan Kyerematen and Kwabena Owusu Aduomi and the kind of waves they are making underscores a growing dissatisfaction with the status quo and a desire for change.

The Roads and Highways Minister's actions underscore the need for an independent president who can ensure the fair allocation of resources and opportunities for all Ghanaians.

An independent president could offer a transformative vision for governance, one that transcends partisan interests and prioritizes the welfare of all citizens. The Benin Republic example offers hope to those who believe that at this stage of our nation's life, a government of national unity is the way to go.

By forming a government of national unity and dismantling the winner-takes-all system, an independent president could promote inclusive policies that ensure equitable distribution of national wealth and resources across all constituencies. This approach would not only foster unity and social cohesion but also address long-standing grievances stemming from uneven development and neglect in certain areas.

The Minister's statement is not just regrettable; it is an affront to the principles of democracy and accountability. It reveals a troubling mindset that prioritizes political expediency over the public good and undermines the integrity of public institutions.

Shalom shalom!
Ebo Buckman