Rejoinder: Election 2024: Nothing will make the Ashanti Region Vote for the Afrafranto Party

Feature Article Rejoinder: Election 2024: Nothing will make the Ashanti Region Vote for the Afrafranto Party

In recent discussions surrounding the upcoming elections in Ghana, Professor Smart Sarpong from the Kumasi Technical University, in an interview with Nana Yaw Kesseh on Peace FM's Kokrokoo Show, has made statements that not only undermine the intelligence of the people of the Ashanti Region but also disregard the essence of democratic voting.

The Professor's assertion that the people of Ashanti will blindly vote for a political party, regardless of the performance of the government and their candidate's character, competence, or integrity, is not only baseless but insulting to the discerning voters of the region.

It is incredulous to suggest that the good people of the Ashanti Region solely vote for a symbol, such as an elephant, rather than considering the qualities and capabilities of the individual vying for leadership. To insinuate that they would overlook issues of corruption, incompetence, or lack of integrity in favour of party affiliation is an affront to the integrity of the electorates in the region.

Contrary to this flawed assertion, the people of the Ashanti Region, like voters everywhere, would in the coming election prioritize the selection of leaders who demonstrate the competence, integrity and vision needed to address the pressing challenges facing the nation.

Fortunately, the good people of the region understand that the presidency is not merely about allegiance to a political party but about electing a leader who can effectively govern and bring about positive change and development. They may have made mistakes in the past, but that doesn’t mean they would not wisely correct their mistakes.

Moreover, it is disappointing that a professor, someone expected to provide informed analysis and critical thinking, would propagate such a misguided perspective. Academics have a responsibility to contribute constructively to public discourse, rather than perpetuating stereotypes and insulting the intelligence of voters. Contrary to his assertion that "When you stay in Kumasi, you will know how much they love their elephant," the evidence on the ground clearly shows that love has been whittled by disrespect and disappointments.

Furthermore, the people of the Ashanti Region have not been immune to the challenges that have plagued the nation under various administrations. They have experienced firsthand the lack of development projects, the collapse of businesses, and the increasing cost of living. In light of these difficulties, it is only logical that they would seek a leader who has a proven track record of achievement and a vision for addressing these pressing issues.

Mr. Alan Kyerematen, with his extensive experience in both the private and public sectors, represents a candidate who offers tangible solutions and a commitment to revitalizing the economy and improving the lives of all Ghanaians. Therefore, it is not a matter of blind loyalty to a political party symbol but a conscientious decision to support a leader who has the competence, integrity, and dedication to lead Ghana and, for that matter, the Ashanti Region, towards prosperity.

In conclusion, the people of the Ashanti Region, like all Ghanaians, deserve to be respected for their discernment and their ability to make informed decisions at the ballot box. They will undoubtedly consider the character, competence, integrity, and vision of the candidates before casting their votes, as they seek a leader who can lead Ghana towards a brighter future.

Shalom shalom!
Ebo Buckman