Abronye Now Knows The Consequences Of The EC's Electoral Violations Thanks To His Wife

Feature Article Abronye Now Knows The Consequences Of The EC's Electoral Violations Thanks To His Wife

Abronye now fully understands the pain his wife has had as a result of the electoral irregularities carried out by the Electoral Commission. The Ejisu NPP Parliamentary election was held at the Forestry Commission Training School on Saturday, April 13, 2024, to choose a new MP to succeed the late John Kumah. Mr. Kwame Baffoe, alias Abronye, wife, was one of the contenders. During the election, Abronye claimed that the Electoral Commission had treated his wife unfairly.

The NPP is a political party that doesn't give a damn if what it does to Ghanaians has an impact on the populace or not. The government will not listen to criticism of its policies impacting the people because they also dislike taking any action that will benefit the opposition. Politics in Ghana are now based on blatant greed, corruption, deceit, and violence against the populace. Thus, the NPP has delighted in using all political strategies, including manipulating votes, to disadvantage the NDC.

Kwame Baffoe, like nearly every other NPP politician, has frequently criticized John Mahama, who has demonstrated greater development than any other NPP politician or Akufo Addo. Even the fact that the NDC government has improved the NPP stronghold is regrettable. Still, throughout the country's political history, the NPP government has been the most ruthless, destructive, and corrupt. Thus, it's astonishing that Abronye has come to understand what unjust treatment is as a result of his wife.

Why hasn't Abronye accused the Electoral Commission of unfairly targeting Ghanaians or the opposition? Akufo Addo continues to appoint judges to the Supreme Court to protect himself, even though his party is the worst that has brought suffering and poverty to the populace. Why does Abronye have the audacity to criticize the EC because of his wife, but lacks the courage to voice his concerns about Akufo Addo and the EC's violations of Ghana's Constitution and against the opposition?

Abronye claimed that the EC had rigged the election for a parliamentarian seat in favor of a particular candidate, who I assume was Kwabena Boateng. I need to ask Abronye, "Why does he enjoy rigging elections against the NDC politicians but not the NPP?" He says that the EC treated his wife unfairly, but individuals ought to treat others the way they want to be treated. The best part of this drama is that, for a very long time, the EC has been denying election violations, but Abronye has confirmed their corruption.

Who would have imagined that Ghana would find itself in such a dire condition, affecting businesses, investments, and the economy, all because of one political party that used deceit to seize power? Why wouldn’t Ghana be included among the nations with the lowest IQs if Ghanaians were easily deceived to fight against Mahama's administration, at a time when Ghana was among the most economically advanced nations in Africa? The prices of commodities were affordable, and the rate of the dollar was 3.75 GHC. Now look at the political and economic menace caused by this irresponsible government.

Ghanaians, including NPP politicians, came up to refute accusations of corruption and election fraud made by the EC, particularly those from the NDC and its supporters, against Jean Mensa. Nevertheless, Abronye has confirmed that the EC is corrupt and has rigged the parliamentary elections against his wife. Ghanaians will be shocked by how Ghana will appear, despite the terrible state of the country, if they are unable to overthrow this corrupt and destructive administration.

As if this misery and money laundering aren’t enough, Ghanaians with low IQs want to see the government continue to lie about projects and jobs that they have never created. Corruption has expanded by almost 500% with impunity, impacting the country’s entire infrastructure. Along with Akufo Addo, Ken Ofori-Atta, and Bawumia, the NPP government has destroyed the nation and now wants one of them to be president because they lack men with intelligence.

Ghanaians who want a better life should take my articles seriously since I haven't accepted Akufo Addo's bribe to promote his criminality, nothing I have written about this terrible government has been carried away empty by the wind.