After All The Ashanti Region Isn’t The NPP’s Stronghold, They Have Been Rigging Elections All These Years

Feature Article After All The Ashanti Region Isnt The NPPs Stronghold, They Have Been Rigging Elections All These Years
FEB 27, 2024 LISTEN

As long as Kevin Taylor, the host of "Loud Silence TV," continues to expose the government's rampant corruption and embezzlement, which have destroyed the economy, businesses, and investments, the government will always consider him a threat, because the NPP government recognizes the importance of that journalist. Many Ghanaians were unaware that the NPP has been unlawfully rigging votes, until Mr. Taylor's latest poll analysis about the party in the Ashanti Region.

Although it has long been known that the NPP is the strongest and has the most party members in the Ashanti Region, they have been secretly stuffing ballot boxes to boost their party's popularity there. The depressing aspect of it all is that the party is also the one that has denied the populace advancement, including employment. Matthew Opoku Prempeh has stated that the NPP only needs a T-shirt and still they will vote for the party, which means he is aware of his party’s election frauds.

The host of Loud Silence TV provided stunning proof when he examined previous polls conducted in both the NDC and NPP strongholds and concluded that the NPP’s results were utterly fraudulent since the acquired results didn’t make sense. For instance, the NPP had a 1000% gain in votes, from 431,000 in 1992 to 827,000 in 1996, in less than four years. How can Ghana be any better if a government can be so callous as to carry out such election frauds and deny the development of its own people?

That is among the causes of the failure of the governments of Ken Ofori-Atta, Bawumia, and Akufo Addo. Ghana has been systematically destroyed by the NPP government, to the point where every piece of infrastructure is impacted. Therefore, it is absurd and naive of the administration to persuade the people of Ghana that one of them, Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia, responsible for the downfall of the country's economy, businesses, and investments, should be president.

It is an immense tragedy for those who have helped bring about this disaster for our country, and as if the devastation wasn't enough, they continue spreading false information about Mahama, a previous leader who has done more to improve Ghana than any other, especially the Ashanti Region. Bawumia, Ken Ofori-Atta, and Akufo Addo came to destroy Ghana; they have let the country and its people down so severely that Ghanaians now have to struggle to stop election cheating to prevent further tragedies.

My query to Ghanaians is this: how can Bawumia, who has failed to be vice president and broke the following commitments, be permitted to be president? If he is elected, he will continue to break the promises he made. 30 Unfulfilled Promises Of Bawumia, The Vice President published on ModernGhana.

Additional lies of Bawumia and unfulfilled promises

1. When is Dr. Bawumia going to make available the $18 billion Chinese loan he promised us?

2. When is he going to draw down on the $2 billion Sinohydro loan?

3. What happened to “No village in Ghana will have a challenge with toilet and water provision within 2 years of an NPP government?”

4. How about your promise that “every Ghanaian will have a bank account by the end of 2018.

5. Cedi was arrested, and the keys were given to the IGP. Yet you have failed to check the free fall of the cedi.

6. The promise of providing the necessary incentives for private sector participation in health service delivery remains a mirage. What happened to it?

7. Implementing policies that will reduce the cost of doing business has been a hoax.

8. The pledge to provide a reliable and cost-effective mix of energy supplies for businesses has probably been long forgotten.

9. Pursuing aggressive industrialization and value addition to agricultural produce has not seen the light of day.

10. The much-touted allocation of US$1 million annually per constituency has become a bitter fallacy.

11. The promise to develop interconnected roads, railways, ports, and harbor (RRHP) systems remains a pipe dream.

12. The Water for All Program has become another deception.

13. Dr. Bawumia's promise to construct 570 dams in 2017 adds to his tall list of empty rhetoric.

14. Reducing the corporate tax rate from 25% to 20% has still not materialized.

15. The pledge to provide incentives for the hospitality and creative arts industries that will enable them to create jobs has been another fiasco.

16) The promise to build hospitals in districts that lack them was totally forgotten until COVID-19 exposed Akufo-Addo, Bawumia, and Ken Ofori-Atta’s administration.

Kevin Taylor's political research indicates that the NPP intends to manipulate the elections in 2024 by stuffing ballot boxes once more in the Ashanti Region. This plan is evil and would exacerbate the already severe strain on the economy, businesses, and investments. Therefore; Ghanaians who care about the country and the next generation's well-being, aside from the NDC, must stand for Ghana to prevent a criminal such as Bawumia from becoming president.