‘It was painful, annoying’ — Sister Derby opens up on Medikal and Fella’s relationship

Couples/Break-ups It was painful, annoying —Sister Derby opens up on Medikal and Fellas relationship

Sister Derby, the Ghanaian musician and socialite, has shared her feelings regarding the public displays of affection between her ex-partner, Medikal, and his ex-wife, Fella Makafui, acknowledging the emotional toll it took on her.

In an interview with Zionfelix, Sister Derby revealed that while the end of her relationship with Medikal did not devastate her, she found it painful and annoying to witness the pretentious nature of Medikal and Fella's romance, particularly on social media platforms.

"I didn’t really care about their relationship, but for him, I wished him well. And of course, it was painful because they were rubbing it in my face, and she was also mocking me.

“Even during those times, I never said anything to her or dissed her. I accepted it," Sister Derby expressed.

The musician also opened up about hurtful comments from the public, particularly regarding her single life, which worsened the emotional strain of her separation from Medikal.

“The painful part was people thinking I am desperate for marriage. People passed silly comments like ‘go and marry’, ‘no one wants to marry you’. Like really? Do you believe no one wants to marry me? It’s ridiculous. It was only annoying,” she stated.

Despite the challenges she faced, Sister Derby maintained that her relationship with Medikal was generally harmonious, except for the involvement of Fella Makafui, which led to their breakup.

"All through the two years we were together, we never disagreed on anything, we never fought. It was just the Fella issue," Sister Derby disclosed

Reacting to questions about Medikal's temperament as a partner, Sister Derby clarified, stating, “Oh no. He wasn’t difficult to date at all.”

These revelations come amid speculation surrounding a potential romantic revival between Sister Derby and Medikal, following their joint performance at Medikal's O2 Indigo concert in London.

However, Sister Derby emphasized that their relationship remains friendly and business-oriented, dispelling any notions of a romantic reconciliation.

“I joined him on stage as a show of support for my friend, my sweet ex. It was an invitation I accepted gladly. We’ve collaborated musically, and our relationship remains friendly and business-oriented,” she explained.

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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