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Bawumia's official jokes!

Bawumia's official jokes!

"And now, Dr. Bawumia says his earlier comments about incentivizing the church was a joke. Jesus Christ! "

So the NPP's presidential candidate got tongues wagging again with his latest "joke," about incentivizing the church.

For purely political reasons, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia can't stop flirting with the church. He must have realized how difficult it is to win an election in Ghana as a Muslim without making forceful political and religious inroads into the fortitude of the church. It is a daunting battle.

Unfortunately for the NPP firebrand, missteps, mistakes, and misspeaks have characterized his advances at the church every time, earning him a decent amount of vilification from his critics, and deepening the gulf between him and the church even further.

Not long ago, the NPP flagbearer, desperate to appeal to Christian voters, went to church, where he declared Jesus Christ as "Our Lord and personal savior."

But not everyone was fooled by his chameleonic antics. He faced a tirade of castigation from both Christians and Muslims for his kind of religious duality which in all earnestness, doesn't exist.

Because of Christian votes, His Excellency has knelt down religiously in churches for prelates and pastors to lay hands on him, anoint him, pour holy water on him, prophesy to him, dine with him, etc. Some might even be cursing him behind his back!

He has visited the Pope in the Vatican, taken great photos with powerful bishops at the Holy See, shook hands and dialogued with famous clerics as part of his Christian profiling. A Christian wife and a baptismal name --- maybe Emmanuel --- that's all he needs to complete his religious surrogacy.

And now, Dr. Bawumia says his earlier comments about incentivizing the church was a joke. Jesus Christ!

Was Dr. Bawumia starring at a concert party where the audience had paid to watch him dribble them with jokes, religious pranks and mischievous hilarity?

Then he must have had a bad day in the office with his scintillating commedianship. He was the only joker in the auditorium. The audience thought they had come to meet a political dignitary, the flagbearer of the ruling party, a possible president of Ghana, an economic whizz-kid.

But alas, it turned out the meeting was a complete waste of time, for the speaker was a gallivanting joker, and his office has formally said so in a communique. Henceforth, we know him as a masquerading joker!

And who told His Excellency, that the church is afraid of taxation? Certainly, his advisors should be familiar with the Lord’s refrain-- "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God."

No politician should ever take credit for the Gospel. Silver and gold belongs to God, and any church which pays no taxes for political reasons would soon lose its spiritual and social significance.

Church doctrine support the payment of taxes by the church to the state. Any contrary proposition for political necessitation is an affront to the integrity of the church and is unacceptable.

Dr. Bawumia needs a team of Christian analysts to help his initiation to church administration.

Indeed, no politician desperate for votes should attempt to take credit for the Gospel, joke with church doctrine or try to politicize it. The church is not poor. It requires no graces or pecks from politicians to pursue its missionary agenda. We pay taxes to Caesar to show that we are heirs of God's riches and reliable stewards of his earthly wealth.

No jokes with the church, His Excellency! Consider the luxury cars of our pastors and justify why they shouldn't pay taxes!

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