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Daughters of Eve

Daughters of Eve
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"Adam lived in peace with God until trouble, disguised as Eve, knocked on his door."

Of all the handiworks of God, none gladdens a man's heart like a beautiful woman.

Ironically, she is the veritable source of all his woe too!

Adam, the godfather of every man, was himself thunderstruck by Eve the moment he set his gaze upon her. For her beauty was ravishing, irresistible, breath-taking, captivating.

In her presence, the fresh waters of Eden and all their flora and fauna amounted to nothing. Eden's divine mountainview and blue skies lacked the aura and charm that her presence exuded, for they could neither hear nor speak, love or be loved.

By contrast, her beauty drew out his soul, and struck him helpless with amazing wonder.

But Eve was a rather pompous, fearless, over-pampered,self-opinionated creation of God. Is it any wonder that God had to sedate the man in order to sculpture her to his taste?

Adam lived in peace with God until trouble, disguised as Eve, knocked on his door.From thence, his destiny was out of his hands.

So from her first birthday (that must be observed at all cost and by all means) to her deathday--- she must be the center of everything spoken or unspoken, visible or invisible. Alas, such a selfish beauty!

Thinking so highly of herself and drunk with the wine of her beauty and flattery, she must satisfy all her vanities at once.

So without preparation, permission, formula or strategy, she lunged into a psycho-spiritual warfare with the formidable serpent, guided by her volatile inexperience and by her whims and caprices.

Yet, Adam, in spite of his authority over the Districts of Eden, his deeper knowledge of God and familiarity with the serpent never for once considered himself proficient nor qualified to engage the crafty serpent in a duel.

"Beauty," says Shakespeare, "provoketh thieves better than gold."

The more beautiful a woman is, the more complex are her provocations.

The less beautiful, the more stable is her faculty of reasoning, and the less stressful are her frivolities.

But men would continue to choose beauty over sense, curvature over wisdom, shape over size, body over brain.

Better a thousand provocations of a beautiful woman than the vexatious mumblings of a tramp. Herein is God justified in given us beauty for all our appetite.

So beware, all who must marry beauty rather than a woman, for the two are not the same.

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