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John Mahama in the wings!

John Mahama in the wings!

"The most frustrating thing about this economy is that it offers no hope, only bleakness."

At the rate at which our economy is deteriorating, the government's slogan of "breaking the eight" looks like a mountain too high for Bawumia and the NPP to climb.

The NPP is out of breadth --- groping in the dark and clutching at straws in a desperate attempt to salvage what is left of our plundered economy.

But the political horizon which was painted blue by Akufo-Addo with promises of village dams and factories, free SHS, jobs and better economic conditions for every Ghanaian is now pale with mass disgruntlement and domestic austerity.

Everywhere you look, Akufo-Addo's handwriting of perennial dumsor, degraded cedi, high tariffs, corruption, loot and share and the rest of them have painted the skies red with hardship.

And surely, the talk of breaking the eight has died down melodiously even among its chief claimants as reality check sets in and John Mahama waits in the wings.

Akufo Addo was a breadth of fresh air to many Ghanaians some eight years ago. He had stagnated too long in opposition, and was in danger of losing his place as the leader of the opposition but for the 2012 Election Petition which magically revived his presidential fortunes.

He had suffered too much disparagement from villifying NDC mirmydons. Thus, when he accepted the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of John Mahama, he instantly became the president-in- waiting as many Ghanaians took notice of his patience and political maturity and decided to reward him in the subsequent elections.

Akufo-Addo became an instant hit once John Mahama was out of favour. Unfortunately, the new President bit more than he could chew. His signature policy of free SHS cost the tax payer in excess of 5 billion cedis between 2017-2021.

Yet, he refused to restructure the program, in spite of the large capital outlay and calls from the opposition and education experts for policy adjustment.

But the government continued to tout its achievements, all the time doing little to increase local food production until COVID 19 paralysed what was left of the economy.

The cost of the 2020 elections, mismanagement of the power generating sector, the lethargy of leadership and official corruption have all combined to crumble the economy, taking us back to the IMF.

After 67 years of independence, this country still needs the IMF to police and regulate our spending. This is the legacy of our modern crop of disgraceful leadership.

And so as the NPP prepares to handover the reigns of government to the NDC, this country is in a worse state than when the NPP took over in 2017.

Our merry-go-round of misses and near-misses, trial and error, mismanagement and corruption continues unabated.

And now John Mahama is favourite to continue from where he left off. He became so unpopular no one gave him a dog's chance of revival. But thanks to Akufo-Addo's unpopularity, John is a saint once more.

Whither goest this country?

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