A toast to Akufo-Addo

Feature Article A toast to Akufo-Addo

"The president, in spite of his government's woes, remains loyal to his good sense of humour. It is an attribute we must envy, even if our good conscience won't emulate."

Ghana is hot, very hot --- but Akufo- Addo still managed to steal the show at Kwahu, when he took the dance floor with his infamous crab dance during the Easter festivities.

In other jurisdictions, when the leader becomes so unpopular with the masses by his mismanagement of the economy, his managers won't condone such a dance of inconsequence at a private night club.

But Nana Addo was in his home region, and at a hotel owned by one of his ministers. Besides, the dance itself was organised under the strictest security, with only a few cheer leaders around to behold the dancing spectacle.

Feeling measurably secure and very
much at home --- a bit tipsy and understandably amorous --- the president lifted his two thumbs upwards to the level of his breast while cusping his fingers tightly in his palm---all these around a rather stiff-moving body.

Then his tongue, breathing a little air of freedom from a hole in his mouth,flipped slightly out of its cavity in joyful merriment while the smiling man swayed to and fro, all the time rocking enthusiastically to Samini's everlasting melodies.

The president, in spite of all his government's woes, remains loyal to his good sense of humour. It is an attribute we must envy, even if our good conscience won't emulate.

Problems, particularly economic hardship, would always dominate the affairs of man, governments, nations, and the world itself. But the world doesn't come to an abrupt end because of economic contusions or fiscal convulsions.

Subsequently, a lively president must have his turn on the dance floor despite the miserable floundering of the shy cedi.

Thus,despite plunging us into economic gallows (most families couldn't even spend their uneventful Easter holidays at home quietly without the interference of dumsor) our bouncy president refused to be left out of the Easter celebrations on the ridge!

Apart from paragliding which is not advisable for his age, our fun-loving president has not excluded himself from the Easter joys of Kwahu both as a candidate and as president.

But if we must tell the truth, this is probably the most austere Easter holiday in recent times for most Ghanaian families. Much more cedi is required to perform the most casual, rudimentary functions in any household.

Yet, our president is able to dance his way away from our cries of frustration into a frenzy of merriment and fun. Of course, he must be mentally sound to plunge us any deeper into the abyss.

Life must indeed go on, even if Jesus Christ died the second time. So let's drink a toast to our dancing president, for it is wise to be merry.

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